Why Indian Brides Wear the Color Red

Red is considered to be the auspicious color in India, especially for the married woman as it strongly signifies a woman as SUHAGAN. Therefore in the weddings also Indian Brides are mostly seen in a Red Lehenga Choli or a Red Saree. Marriage certainly brings lots of changes in the life of an Indian woman wherein she has to bid good bye to her parent’s house and start a whole new life at a completely different place which happens to be her husband’s house. The color RED also signifies the beginning of her new life. Indian Weddings are popular for its vibrant colors and the color Red only enhances the vibrancy. While choosing your wedding trousseau, the Bride should keep in mind the significance of color Red.


Red Wedding Outfits for Bride

Indian wedding celebrations last for 4-5 days starting from the Mehendi function, Haldi, Sangeet and then finally the Wedding and Red colors marks its significance in almost all the ceremonies. On the Wedding day when the various wedding rituals including the jaimala takes place, the Bride is mostly decked in the Red Lehenga Choli or Saree.  In most part of the Northern India, the bride is dressed in a Red Bridal Lehenga on her wedding day. These days there are so many designer lehenga choli available online in various designs like Mermaid style, A-line, Circular, Lehenga style saree, Sharara cut lehenga. You can choose the best one as per your body type and look like a perfect Bride.


The South Indian Brides on the other hand get dressed mostly in Red Kanjeevaram sarees on their wedding day along with lots of gold jewellery and a gajra on their hairs. One of the main reasons of why even brides prefer the color red for their bridal outfit is this color highlights the Indian skin complexion very well.


Bridal Accessories in Red

The color red is not just restricted to the Bridal dress but also the heena/mehendi designs in the brides hands, arms, feets and legs are printed in red color. Even in the jewelleries like the necklace, earrings, nose ring and the Bridal chura, you can find the color Red. Most of the Indian wedding cards are also red in color.

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Hope with this blog post you might be clear about the significance of the color red in the life of an Indian Bride.

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