Why do Indian Brides Wear Chura

Marriage is an auspicious event among Indians and the ceremony is celebrated in a grand way with many rituals and customs which showcases the rich culture of the country. Among several practices one that really catches the eye is the Chura ceremony, celebrated mostly in Hindus, though few other religions also follow. The ceremony is usually celebrated on the day before the wedding day.

Story behind the Chura

Before we move further on what happens on Chura ceremony and why Indian brides wear it, let’s learn some interesting historical facts about this ritual. Chooda is actually a set of twenty one bangles worn on each hand made of ivory in red and white color. This is a tradition which first originated among the Punjabi cult but later many Indians adopted the beautiful custom. Glittering with stones, the tradition was to wear these set of bangles in both hands for a full year after marriage as a symbol of being newly married. Only after the 1st anniversary, the in laws having a small ceremony would remove the chura and replace the same with other bangles but much less in numbers.  Celebration includes distribution of sweets and then a small prayer for blissful married life for the young couple, preferably before a river where the chooda is left to float in the water.


Significance behind the Chura for brides

Chura from the yester years was considered as a symbol of being newly married and a sign of happiness and prosperity. The laden belief is that the set of bangles are lucky bringing good luck for the house as well as the husband. It is considered so sacred that even the bride is not allowed to see the chura beforehand as it may turn unlucky and are only worn with bride’s eyes being closed.


Chura for brides symbolizes Indian tradition, the authentic culture and not to forget the undying love of the bride for her beloved husband. It is a small way of ensuring well being of the new family.

How the Chura Ceremony is performed?

Now when significance and the beautiful emotions behind the ritual are known, let’s share some light on how the ceremony is celebrated.  The Chura ceremony is celebrated by the maternal uncles and aunt where they put on the wedding bangles or the chura and provides gifts to her. The ritual is followed by wearing hanging decorations from these bangles called kaleerein. Though the actual tradition is to wear 21 bangles in each hand, easily available at bridal chura online, for a year but in modern days the same is modified and you can wear for even 40 days in a set of 7 or 9 bangles. However in case of pregnancy within this period the chura is removed.


In conclusion, this is one of sacred customs of the Indian brides and symbolizes the pious emotions of a newly wedded girl. It is believed that with this the Indian brides bring good luck at the onset of a new phase of life with loads of love and happiness. For the authentic churas, you can search bridal chura online, to access the best collections in terms of design, quality and price.

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