Tips to Style Plain Sarees with Designer Blouses

Are you also among one of them who think that plain sarees are dull and you can’t wear them at parties?? Well, if that’s the case then you need to think about it all over again. The fact is that these days the plain sarees are in trend as they are quite comfortable to wear as compared to those heavy sarees. Infact now-a-days heavy sarees looks quite tacky and if you wear one to any party you will certainly be labelled as a wannabe. The plain sarees looks beautiful when paired with the stunning designer blouses like corset blouse, halter neck, sheer back, sequins blouse, boat neck, collar blouse etc. Here are few tips on how to style plain sarees with different types of designer blouses:

Plain Saree with Lace Blouse

Lace has something that no one can take their eyes off from the person wearing the lace outfit. The same lace can be used to make a beautiful designer blouse that can be paired with a plain saree. The lace blouses can give a hint of style and elegance to your plain looking saree. Here, let’s check out some amazing plain saree styles with lace blouse:

Metallic Blouses

You can add a very royal effect to your plain saree by pairing it up with a metallic blouse. Generally silver and golden color metallic blouses goes with all color plain sarees. For parties metallic blouses are a perfect choice as it balance out the plain look of a saree as metallic blouse looks heavy.

Quirky Prints Blouse

If you like to have something unusual in your blouse pattern then go for quirky prints blouse as it will add a pop of color to your plain sarees. The quirky prints can be of cartoon characters, multi color splash, digital prints, magazine prints etc. If you have a theme based party then you can also get that particular theme designed on your blouse and team it up with a plain saree and get set into the mood of theme party.

Contrast Blouse with Plain Saree

The matching saree with matching blouse concept have become old now. It’s more like wearing a contrast blouse with a plain saree which looks amazing. Like plain blue saree with a golden blouse or a silver blouse. The blouse can be decorated with the motifs and stones work as they add a royal charm and do a perfect justice to a plain saree.

Floral Printed Blouse

Earlier floral prints sarees used to be quite in fashion but now-a-days it’s the floral blouse that’s in trend. The best thing is that you can team up a floral blouse with any color saree and it will look amazing. Even if you have only one single floral blouse then also you can style it with so many color sarees and get a new look every time. You can even tie a lovely kamarband and style you plain saree with floral blouse.

Plain Sarees with Corset Blouses

Corset looks beautiful and it’s even a smart choice to pick up a corset blouse if you are a bit on the plumper size as it will cover your entire waist. You can choose a metallic corset blouse for a warrior like feel or you can also opt for an embroidered corset blouse with your plain saree.

Plain Sarees with a Brocade Blouse

If you want to attend a wedding in a plain saree but feels like a plain saree won’t do the justice to the grand event then you can always pair it with a brocade blouse. Plain silk sarees will look great with the brocade blouse or banarasi blouse and will be a perfect outfit for events like wedding.

Plain Sarees with Maharani Blouse

Well if you want to get that princess like feel in a plain saree then the best way is to style it with a maharani blouse. The maharani blouse is a high neck blouse pattern which is heavily embroidered from the yoke part to the neck portion. In most of the maharani blouses the sleeves are also heavily embroidered but it’s not necessary.

Boat Neck Blouse

If you want to keep it simple yet stylish then the best way is to pair your saree with a boat neck blouse. The neckline of the boat net blouse goes parallel to your collar bone which makes it look quite basic yet stylish. Boat neck blouse with lace or net pattern looks cool when paired with a plain saree.

So, if you also have a number of colorful plain sarees lying on your wardrobe just like that then now you know how to style them and create a stylish look out of it. Do comment and let us know which blouse design is your favorite that you would like to pair up with your plain saree.

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