Tips to Rock an Indian Wedding as Guest

If you are lucky enough to be invited to a big fat Indian wedding then here are some tips where I have explained how to rock an Indian wedding as a guest. If you are completely new to an Indian wedding then these tips will be very beneficial for you. Indians are quite sensitive about their wedding rituals and cultures and hence it’s important for you to understand few things before going to any Indian wedding. After you understand the rituals and all, I am sure that you are going to love every bit of the function. Here I have answered few questions which come in everyone’s mind if they are going to an Indian wedding for the very first time.

What to wear as a guest at Indian Wedding?



India is very well known for its unity in diversity where there are 28 states where people speak more than 1500 different languages. But there is one outfit that describes the Indian culture in the perfect way and that’s a saree. You can wear a saree to any Indian wedding. If you don’t know how to drape a saree then also you need not worry as you can easily find pre stitched saree. In a pre stitched saree you don’t have to do anything except wearing it as a dress and it will give you exactly the same look as a saree. At Indiabazaaronline, you get an option to make any normal saree a ready to wear pre stitched saree.


You can easily get pre stitched sarees online but even if you don’t have access to prestitched saree then you can even drape a normal saree. These days Youtube is filled with such videos where they teach you how to drape a saree in various styles, you can check them. But even in sarees there are few things that you need to keep in mind, let’s know what’s that is:

  • If you are attending a traditional Indian wedding then avoid wearing colors like black and white.
  • Don’t wear a complete red saree with heavy work as that’s usually the outfit of an Indian Bride.
  • Just one outfit is not enough as there are so many functions in Indian weddings like sangeet, wedding, Reception, haldi etc. If you are attending all the functions then you need at least 4 outfits.
  • Avoid wearing deep blouse necklines as it would look inappropriate in an Indian wedding.

Anarkali Suits

If you are not very comfortable with the idea of wearing a saree then you have other options also like anarkali suit, lehenga choli, Indo western gown. Anarkali suits are quite easy to wear and they also come in readymade size. Anarkali suits come in various length like ankle length, floor length, a little below knee length etc. The contemporary anarkali suits will give you a feel of wearing an Indian style gown, so anarkali suits are the most comfortable ones to wear at an Indian wedding.

Lehenga Choli

This outfit comprises of three pieces namely top (choli), bottom (skirt) and dupatta. This outfit is mostly worn in Indian weddings. You can also further accessorize this outfit by adding a sleek kamarband on your waist. Wear some matching jewellery like earrings, mangtika, bangles and you are all set to rock an Indian Wedding.


Deciding Men outfit is not a big task as compared to deciding women outfits. There are options like kurta payjama, sherwani, Indo western for Men, Afghani Kurta, Jodhpuri style sherwani etc. If you don’t want to wear something Indian then you can also wear a nice pair of formal shirt and pant. Here we are sharing some pictures of different types of Indian wear that you can wear to an Indian wedding.


  • Don’t experiment too much with the colors, choose the basic ones.
  • You will need at least 3 outfits if you are going to be a part of Indian wedding.

What to gift the couple

The couple is going to have a new life together and initially they require the normal household items only. The best thing is to gift them something that is used in their day to day life. Giving cash in an attractive envelope is the most common method of gifting in Indian weddings.  If you are wishing to give cash then make sure that you give cash in denomination that ends with one as it’s considered lucky in India. You can gift cash in INR like Rs 251, Rs 501, Rs 1001 etc. You can also gift silver items like silver show pieces, silver coins etc. Kitchen items like induction, dinner set, oven etc are also a good choice to gift in Indian weddings. You can also gift outfits like sarees to the Bride and Shirt Pant or kurta payjama to the groom.

Hope this small guide will help you a lot if you are going to an Indian wedding for the very first time. Do not forget to share your experience at the big fat Indian wedding.


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