Tips for Choosing Saree Blouse as Per your Body Type

When you send your blouse to a tailor, the most confusing thing is to choose the blouse design as per your body shape. Most of the time it happens that you like certain cuts of saree blouses but are not sure if those will compliment your body type or not. Every lady has a different body shape and thus the blouse design should be such which compliments your personality. This is the reason why no readymade blouse comes with any sari,instead attached piece comes which can be customized as per the measurement of the sari buyer.


Whether you are slim, fat or healthy, saree looks great on every body type but same is not with the saree blouse. There are also various readymade blouses available in the market these days which comes in ready sizes. Here I am suggesting few tips saree blouses as per your body type:


Square and Round Neck Saree Blouses

These are the most basic designs which are being worn by ladies since ages. This is the only design which looks good on both short as well as tall women. In this shape one can find variety of styles in the Readymade Blouses.


Rectangular Neck Blouse Designs

Those ladies having short height and short neck should prefer wearing neck rectangular neck blouse as it gives some height to the neck and makes it look longer.


Chinese Collar Blouse

Those women having a good height and a tall neck should prefer wearing Chinese collar blouses as it compliments them in the best way. This design also look very elegant and to add on the glamour you can keep it backless.


High Neck Saree Blouses

Again those ladies who are blessed with a tall height as well as neck, these designs are must wear. These days this types of blouse are hit among the tall bollywood divas like Deepika Padukodne,Sonam Kapoor etc.


Halter Neck

For all those ladies who are fashion forwarded and wants to look stylish in this nine yard drape, Halter neck design is absolutely made for them. And also those ladies who don’t mind doing some skin show, this fashionable design is for them. Mostly women who have heavy bottom (hips) than the upper part may also choose this design as it will shift the focus from bottom to the upper part.


I hope with these tips, now you will be able to choose the best blouse design for yourself a per your body type.

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