Things to Remember while Buying Saree for a New Bride

In India, it’s a tradition that the groom side gifts sarees to the bride-to be. Apart from the groom side there are also many relatives and friends who prefer gifting sarees to a new bride. Usually in India dark colors like red, maroon, pink are considered to be the color for the new brides. But with the changing times there are many designer sarees that comes in different color patterns and are loved by the Brides. Buying a bridal saree is certainly not an easy task at all as it has to be damn beautiful that everyone likes it. So, if you are a soon to be bride who is going out for her wedding shopping soon or if you are someone who have to buy sarees to gift to a new bride then here are few things that you need to keep in mind:

Shop one month before the Wedding

Well, you know in this era how fastly the fashion changes and thus buying a bridal saree months before the wedding would not be a good thing to do. Obviously you won’t like to wear an outdated fashion saree in the first few days after your wedding. The fashion may or may not change in months but why take any kind of risk and hence the best thing to do is buy bridal saree one month before the wedding. But make sure that you don’t delay more than that as you also need to get your blouse stitched and hence you can take 15-20 days in hands for your blouse stitching. And if any alteration would be required in stitching that can also be covered in 1-2 days.


Be Prepared in Advance

Before you step out to buy bridal saree, make sure that you have done your homework well. Check what kind of fabrics and pattern are trending in bridal sarees online. One more thing that you should definitely check is the prices, these days you will see that the online products are way too affordable than the offline stores. When you are prepared with all the details then you can go out and shop.


Decide on a Budget

Trust me it’s very confusing when you just randomly move out of your house to shop for bridal sarees. The salesman will try to confuse you by showing you tons of designs and the price will keep on going higher and higher. Hence, if you decide on a budget first then at the time of shopping you can easily ask them to show the bridal sarees in your price range  and they won’t be able to manipulate you then.



The fabric of any saree can make or break the look and hence it’s very important that you pick up the right fabric as per your body type. Like say if you are on a heavier side then avoid buy bridal sarees in fabrics like silk or tissue as they will make you look even more bulky. You can skip silk and prefer fabrics like soft net, georgette, chiffon or crepe.


Always pick color according to your skin tone and body type. If you have a fair skin type then go for bright colors. If you are bulky then prefer buying a dark color saree like maron or red or hot pink as dark color makes you look slimmer. If you choose any designer sarees then you can even go for lovely pastel shades like sea green, mint green, peach, baby pink etc.


Even though it’s a bridal saree, still you have to think smartly that heavy wedding sarees will not be of much use and will be lying in your closet only for the rest of your life.  The heavy sarees are not even comfortable to wear. Gone are the days when the bride has to wear heavy embellished sarees. These days you can find so many lovely bridal sarees having light work yet they look elegant for a bride to wear. And you can use those sarees in the long run also, anyways that’s my personal thought everyone have their own. If you are comfortable wearing heavy embellished sarees then you can for sure go for that.

Blouse Design

These days rather than going for a matching blouse what you can do is go for a contrast color blouse as it looks so amazing. Even if you are getting a free matching blouse with you saree, I would suggest you just kip it and rather go for a contrast color blouse. Also make sure that your blouse design again suits your body type and it should compliment your personality and not down showing it.

So, these are some tips that you need to keep in mind while you buy saree for a new bride. Hope this blog post will be of great help to you!!

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