Reversible Sarees: One Saree, Two Looks

No matter how many different sarees women have in their closet, they still find it hard to choose a different one for every occasion. To solve this problem there is something very exciting that’s really trending this year. Any guesses?? Well, I am talking about the reversible sarees. Now many of you must be thinking what’s that?? Well these types of sarees can be worn in two different styles which mean you can use the pallu part as the pleats and the pleat part as pallu also.


Basically the pleats part has different work and the pallu part has different work, so when you wear it in both styles, no one would be able to say that it’s the same saree.  Like as shown in the below images, one part of the saree is plain and the other part have floral print, you can wear these sarees from both the ends and that’s why they are named as Reversible Sarees.


Bollywood Actresses in Reversible Sarees

Bollywood Beauties always have some interesting fashion to offer, be it the trend of dhoti pants, saree gowns or lehenga cum anarkali. It seems like the Diva’s of bollywood don’t mind flaunting these very beautiful reversible sarees at various occasions.The queen of bollywood, Kangana Ranaut even modeled for these saris. So, you see how popular its being in the B-town also.


Popularity of Indian Sarees

Saree is the only one outfit that has not lost its appeal even after ages, infact now it has evolved and looks more elegant. No matter what’s the age of a woman, it suits all the ages and all the occasions, be it a birthday event, festive occasion, wedding function or even a cocktail party. There are numerous style of draping a saree and that is what makes this outfit so popular even among the young girls. For wearing a saree, one needs a saree blouse, petticoat (under skirt) and a saree.


Indian Sarees Being Accepted Globally

A lady looks at her gorgeous best when she is draped in the 6 yard long outfit, the effervescent Indian Saree. Unlike other western and Indian apparels, a saree not only appears alluring and sensuous on a woman but at the same time projects sophistication and elegance. Globally, sarees are highly accepted by women. Western culture although do not acknowledge in wearing such layered clothing, girls especially adore the fact that an Indian saree looks much more attractive and eye-candy than short skirts or dresses.


The Indian saree has been a show stopper in many recent international events. Top notch Hollywood celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Pamela Anderson, Ashley Rebello, Naomy Campbell and Lady Gaga were seen to pose gracefully in sarees for the camera. When this was being observed at one side, we have also noted few well known international athletes like the William sisters appearing in gorgeous sarees designed by India’s renowned designers for sports events.

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