Made to Measure, Otr and Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke, made to measure and off the rack (readymade) are three major categories of fashion styling industries. Now that our way of living is defined by our sense of fashion and accessories and since it has become a status symbol, people have been more curious and interested on this subject than before. So, for all those curious cats, here are the meanings and differences between the three concepts of fashion designing.


Off the Rack (OTR): Also known as readymade wears, are easily available at showrooms under different brand names, sizes and patterns.


Made to Measure (MTM) are tailor made clothes sewn from a pre conceived size and pattern chart.


Bespoke: Bespoke are the most superior customized outfits readied from individual customer’s measurements.



Off the Rack garments have quite a few standard sizes (28 to 44), patterns and quality. They are purchased over the counter and is slightly but not completely altered as per to your measurements. The fit is perfect at times but in most cases, they are not as satisfying. Ready-made are less expensive when compared to Bespoke and MTM and can be purchased on the spot.

Most of you confuse between bespoke and MTM garments. Therefore, here is a detailed version of the difference between the two concepts.

  • Pattern and Sizes:

In MTM clothing the outline and sizes are chosen from a set of per-existing patterns and sizes. Customer’s measurements are then modified with these. For example, a good MTM company will have 8 to 12 different modifications but not all have the same thresholds. (Few miss out shoulder length, arm hole etc)

Bespoke clothing starts from the scratch. The tailor personally consults each individual customer and measurements are taken in detail. Even the smallest of measurement is noted for better fit. There is no standard list here.

  • Fabrics and Designs

You ask for it and they have it. This is main idea of MTM. They have more than 100 kinds of fabrics, designs and references at your disposal. They associate with 2 or 3 mills for the variations of the clothes.

You dream about it and they create it. Bespoke are created to live your dream. They will craft as per to your taste and choice. They make each design from the scratch just for you. They are associated with 10 – 12 mills for more than 1000 of patterns and fabrics.

  • Fitting:

MTM saves time by considering only two fittings -One, at the initial pre stitching phase and one, after it is delivered to the customer. Any alteration is duly noted and modification is made for finality.

Bespoke fashion can go up to 5 fitting sessions; skeleton baste fitting, forward fitting, fin bar fin fitting are few to name. For them precision is the key.

  • Pricing and Delivery

MTM is cheaper than bespoke garments, yet the accuracy is almost same or you can say, sometimes better. While readying a bespoke outfit takes a month to three months, MTM clothing can be delivered within a period of fortnight to a month.

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