Latest Navratri Chaniya Choli Designs

Chaniya Choli is an Indian outfit which is worn at dandiya nights during the festive season of Navratri. It is a three piece attire which consists a skirt, top and a dupatta. During all the nights of navratri, couples do Dandiya raas where women wear this Dandiya dance dress. The latest navratri chaniya choli designs are colorful with lots of glitter and mirror work all over. If you are also heading for dandiya nights then here are some dandiya lehenga choli which you can wear and dazzle the nights.

Designer Chaniya Choli


Dandiya Lehenga Choli in Contrast Color


Traditional Navratri Dandiya Dress


Mirror Work Dandiya Lehenga Choli


Traditional Navratri Chaniya Choli


Vibrant Colors


The Non Embellished One


The Gujarati Drape Style


Embellished but still not too heavy


Celebrity Style Lehenga Choli

navratri dandiya dress

The above are some of the suggested dandiya dance dress designs that you can wear during this festive season. Remember that if you want a very traditional look then go for the Traditional navratri chaniya choli designs which have lots of mirror work and bright colors but if you want a very subtle look then choose from the latest designs like the ombre or chevron prints ones with few embellishments.

What to keep in Mind while wearing Traditional Navratri Chaniya Choli

I have already suggested various latest Navratri Chaniya choli designs, but here I will tell you what things to keep in mind while wearing it.  As these ghagra choli are embellished heavily with beads, mirror work, cut work etc, you need to keep in mind that the fashion accessories that you choose compliment these embellishments.

  • Try your Navratri lehenga few days before you step for Dandiya Raas. Check if the fitting is fine and if you are not having any problem with the heavy embellishments. Make sure that you must feel comfortable because you need to dance wearing the same attire. If you feel that you are not much comfortable with the embellished ones and its causing you trouble then you can also go for the simple Chaniya choli designs.
  • Make sure that you have properly pinned up the dupatta of dandiya lehenga choli and it does not fall and create a fashion faux when you are dancing at the dandiya nights.
  • Your choli design plays a major role in deciding how you look at the dandiya nights and how many compliments you get. Go for vibrant choli designs and make sure to choose the most glamorous back designs for your cholis, some are given below, you can check and get inspired from them.
  • With navratri lehengas you can wear the most exciting jewelleries like kada, heavy jhumkas,mang tika or matha patti, kamarbandh  and lots of bangles. While you wear bangles its nice to hear the cham cham sound that it makes while you dance to the tunes of Dandiya songs.
  • If you want to look like you are wearing the latest chaniya choli designs then you must choose the ombre colored and chevron print ghagra cholis.
  • You also need to be careful while planning your dandiya dress as it should be well coordinated with your partner’s outfit for the night. I would not suggest that go completely matching matching because that personally doesn’t goes well with me. You can try combinations like if you are wearing mint green, he can wear pink or if you are wearing red, he can wear blue.

Dandiya Lehenga Choli Back Designs


Well, when you dance to the tunes of dandiya songs, the look should be glamorous. By glamorous, I don’t mean that you need to wear a mini skirt and dance on the dandia tune but what I meant is you can flaunt a stylish and sensual look even in a chaniya choli. Want to know how?? Well all that you need to do is customize your choli back design in style. Above I have given some suggestions which you can use for your choli styling. Even if you are wearing the simplest of the ghagra but if you have tailored your blouse designs wisely then even the simple ghagra will do the magic for your during the dandiya raas. You can buy choli designs online or you can also get it customized as per your needs from Indiabazaaronline. If you have less time then you can also buy it from your nearby market. Whether its heavy one or light one, whichever you like the most, you can choose it but if you are choosing a backless choli or choli with lots of strings which shows your back then you have to be confident and comfortable about flaunting your back. If you are not confident enough to flaunt your back and always feel dis comfortable about it while dancing then its better that you avoid the backless ones. There are also various lehenga choli blouse designs that are not blackless and still they looks great, you can opt for those ones also.

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