Kurti Styling Tips for Short Women

We can very well understand how frustrating it can be at times if you have a short height. The short height in itself is not a problem but problem arises with women when they can’t wear the latest fashion trends due to their short height. But never underestimate yourself as you should know that all the good things come in small packages! Kurti is a universal outfit; mostly in Asian countries we call it kurti whereas in western countries it’s known by the name tunic. Kurti is one of the most common outfits worn by women. But if you have a short height and you feel less confident when you wear your favorite kurti then have a look at the below given kurti styling tips. It’s high time you should stop complaining about something that’s god gifted and start loving yourself. Try out these amazing kurti styling tips for short women and get a look that is few inches taller.

Keep Kurti and Bottom in a Monochrome Shade

If you are short heighted then it’s important that your kurti and the bottom are of same color. With the same color top and bottom, an illusion of same color vertical line is created which make you look taller. Whereas if your kurti is of different color and bottom is of a different color then there is breakage of that vertical line at the point where your kurti ends which makes you look shorter. Make sure that you choose well fitted kurti in bold colors like black, blue, red and purple as bold colors makes you look slim which automatically adds to your height.

Pick Straight Pants as Bottom

Just because palazzos are in fashion don’t even think of pairing your kurti with palazzo if you are short heighted. Palazzos have wide flares which make you look shorter instead you can wear long kurtis with straight pants or cigarette pants. And yes don’t forget to wear your stilettos with this look as it will give you added height.


Minimum Accessories

Now-a-days in accessories anyways the less is more. Don’t go for those heavy necklaces rather than that you can go for trendy jewelries in fashion these days like choker or a thin chain with a lovely pendant or just jhumkis and metal bangles. If you don’t like to wear any kind of jewelry at all then you can also accessorize the look only with a studded clutch.

Pick Long Straight Fit Kurta

No matter how much you love anarkalis, still go for the straight kurta as nothing looks better than that if you are short heighted. But in straight kurtas also make sure that it’s a long straight kurta as it creates an illusion of an added height. If you are pairing your kurta with a long ethnic skirt then make sure that the skirt is not too flared, either it can be a straight fit skirt or skirt with medium flare.

Deep Necks

If you are doing kurti shopping then there is more to look out for rather than just the color, fit and pattern of the kurti. You also need to check for the neckline of the kurti, make sure that you choose necklines like sweetheart or v neck. These deep necklines give a slender look to your neck which ultimately gives an illusion of few extra inches in your overall look.


Choose Dark Colors

Dark colors like black, maroon, red etc gives a slimmer look to your body and thus it also creates an illusion of added height. Also make sure that you don’t go for broad print borders instead choose sleek borders to create the illusion of longevity. Avoid choosing such kurti which have too much of embroidery in the sleeves part.

Pick the Right Fit

While choosing your kurti, make sure that it fits your body well from all the sides and sleeves. Ill fitted kurti only adds more volume to your upper body and you will ultimately end up looking quite short.

kurti styling-tips-for-short-women

Opt for Vertical Patterns

These days the stripes are quite in trend and if you are short heighted then you must explore this style. But choose the stripes in vertical pattern rather than horizontal because the vertical stripes will add an illusion of height making you look taller. You can even pick a bottom in vertical prints or vertical polka dots etc.

The fact is that these days kurtis are extremely important part of a woman’ wardrobe. Whether you are an office going lady, a house wife, or a college going girl, kurtis are a great deal for every one of you as it is the most comfortable outfit. So, even if you are a short heighted woman who feels hesitant in wearing this lovely outfit then just follow the above tips and get a fabulous look.

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