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Affordable Fashion Under $99 Only: Whenever a wedding is about to take place in any family, the big question that comes in the mind of all the ladies of the house is what they would wear on that special day. A common tendency which can be seen among all the ladies is that they want to look better than each other; they want to compete with each other. Whether it is about their dress, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry or footwear, every lady wants to look their best.

fashion club memberEspecially when it’s a wedding taking place on a family, there are so many wedding functions. Different dresses are needed for different function; one can’t repeat the same dress in two functions. So, in this case one should also need to think about their pocket or budget. Well, in this case you need to do nothing but just join the 99 fashion club of Indiabazaaronline. Under this fashion club you will get variety of fashionable clothes and each exclusive dress will cost only $99 or less to your pocket.

Now you must be thinking that what you can get to wear in a wedding in just $99. Relax; the 99 fashion club has a variety to offer to all of its customers.  Whatever you want to wear in a wedding, be it a lehenga choli, a saree, lehenga saree, 99 fashion club has it all, exclusively for you. Even for kids and men 99 fashion club of Indiabazaaronline has variety to offer.

99 Fashion Club Lehenga Sarees of Indiabazaaronline: Lehenga Sarees is a perfect wear for any wedding function. It is easy to wear, you can get ready in just 10 minutes if you opt for a lehenga saree and the best part is it actually gives a look like you are wearing a lehenga choli. Under the 99 fashion club you will find every Lehenga Saree is different with each other, in terms of designs, color and pattern. What else are you waiting for? Take the benefit of the 99 fashion club and collect a range of Lehenga Sarees in your wardrobe. Get each beautiful lehenga saree under $99 only.

lehenga sarees

99 Fashion Club Sarees of Indiabazaaronline: Saree, the most traditional wear, and the most opted wear for any wedding. Under 99 fashion club you will get wide range of sarees in different fabrics like silk, net, georgette and jacquard. You must buy at least one saree of each fabric from the 99 fashion club and flaunt those sarees at different wedding functions. Some of the best collection of sarees, you will find in this club. Wedding wear that too in just $99 or less, I don’t think anything can be more attractive than this. So think less and shop more.

99 club sarees

99 Fashion Club Salwar Kameez of Indiabazaaronline: Salwar Kameez is mostly chosen by girls to wear in a wedding function. In 99 fashion club one can find a range of salwar kameez and you can choose the one which suits you the best. Various Salwar kameez like Anarkali, Churidar, and Patialia are a part of 99 fashion club.

salwar kameez

99 Fashion Club Lehenga Choli of Indiabazaaronline: If your closest family member is getting married then Lehenga Choli is the best outfit. And can you believe you are getting a wedding wear lehenga choli in just $99 or less. Yes, you can believe it now as it is now possible with Indiabazaaronline fashion club $99.

lehenga choli

The best way to take the benefit of this club is that you can choose one dress from each section, one lehenga saree, one saree, one salwar kameez and one lehenga choli. In this way you get 4 different dresses, each dress to wear in a different wedding function and costing you just $99 each or less.

99 fashion club Kurta Payjama/ Sherwani of Indiabazaaronline: 99 fashion club has something for everyone. So, men out there don’t be sad as you can get attractive kurta payjama as well as sherwani under $99 in this club. There is no doubt that men looks adorable in Sherwani or kurta payjama, so chose the best one for you.

kurta payjama

99 fashion club kidswear of Indiabazaaronline: In the 99 fashion club one can get number of kids wear in just $99. Kurta payjama for boys and lehenga choli, salwar kameez for girls, Chose whatever you want to wear.



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