Indian Baby Shower Dresses

Baby shower is a tradition that is held keeping in mind the well being of expected mother and her unborn child. This is a time for rejoice for the whole family and in Indian culture it has huge significance. Music , dance, expensive gifts, designer dresses, mehendi coated hands and heavy jewellery all form a essential part of the event.  Though it is quite a memorable day in every women’s life but an expected mother needs to look out for comfort and ease while dressing on this day due to the advanced stages. So to make the best of the day here are some dressing styles that will surely enhance your look without compromising comfort. So get rid of the worry lines and rejoice with a wide collection of Indian baby shower dresses that would only make you look more beautiful.

In earlier days the options for maternity wear was only limited to sarees but today with avid contribution from Indian fashion industry the scope for dressing in the affair is quite large. And also with customized clothing one can choose any attire. However the most popular and preferred garments to don in this occasion remains the following few:

Sarees and Lehengas

One of the most elegant and classy choice of attire for this auspicious day is undoubtedly the classical sarees. With so many styles, designs and fabric available the garment posses’ huge versatility so looking different is not that difficult. The popular choices however goes with phulkari embroidered sarees, banarasi brocade, kanjeevaram and zardosi. Apart from this light weight georgette lehengas are also quite elegant attire. There are multiple styles available which can be tried with experimenting with dupatta styles also.

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The classic Indian wear Gharchola is back in fashion and reining the charts as preferred attire for any occasion. One can either get an original saree re done in the modern Gharchola style or can try out the traditional look to keep its ethnicity. Available in vibrant colors and excellent embellishments this actually makes the look more gallant.


Salwar Suits and Anarkalis

Another popular choice in regards to god bharai dresses are salwaar kameez and anarkali suits. Available in wide number of styles, fabrics, cuts and design, this is an excellent option considering the comfort factor. Also with the suits the danger of tripping with overflowing cloth remains at bay so may prefers to choose the same. Since both the attires come in variety of colors one can choose according to complexion, though brighter colors like red, peach, gold, blue and maroon.


Apart from this there are other kinds of customized clothing which can also be adorned in this special day. However the most important thing at this stage is comfort and that is why its best to go for those styles which helps to excel the beauty as well as have huge comfort level. Look out for the above three styles and dazzle in the occasion like a queen.


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