How to Wear a Saree Blouse Perfectly

Every woman has a huge collection of saree blouses in their fashion closet. No matter how beautiful is your saree, if it is not complimented with a proper top, the entire look can be destroyed. So, if you want to look the best in sari, the most important thing is to have a well fitted saree blouse. Due to the lack of time, many women prefer to buy readymade saree blouses online but the fact is the perfect fit always comes with the customized stitched blouse.


You can get various patterns, colors and designs in a saree blouse but you have to choose the one which highlights the best of your body.   Sari is one of the most popular and evergreen outfit which can be worn at any party, wedding or festive occasion, even casually also. Here I am suggesting you some tips to pick up the right saree blouses:

Give Accurate Measurements

Every woman has different body type and sizes. Whenever you are planning to get your blouse stitched, the first and most important thing that you need to do is take your body measurements accurately. If you are doing online shopping for customized blouse then make sure that you fill in all the details accurately in the measurement form provided by the website.


Opt for Right Bra

Yes, Bra also plays a very important role in getting the perfect fitted blouse. For different types of blouse you also need to take care of different types of bras, like say if you are wearing a backless blouse then you can choose bra cups or strapless bra. If you are wearing a deep neck blouse then choose deep neck bra.  The point is you can pick any style blouse but make sure that your bra also compliments that pattern and makes you look the best.

The Tricks

The most embarrassing thing that can happen with any woman wearing a saree is her bra strap coming out of her saree blouse. To avoid this, ask the tailor to always add a hook or buttons from inside, on the shoulder of your blouse, to keep the bra strap secured at one place.


Pick up the Right Design

You need to choose the appropriate cuts, sleeve design, back pattern and necklines for the saree blouse. There are various neckline which one can choose like halter neck, Chinese collar etc.


For thin women rectangular necklines are good.


High collar necklines looks good on taller women as it enhances their personality.

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For stylish look you can choose halter neck or backless blouse.

You can choose puff sleeves blouse for festive occasions.

Try out some of these basic tips and see the difference, Keep watching this space for more such fashion tips.

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