How To Make Your Lohri Extra Stylish And Happening


India is a country of diversity, so boring line, let’s put it in another words, India is a free country, we love to enjoy and wait for the purpose to celebrate, in the mean time, I forgot to mention that why I am telling you all this , you obviously have known this already but it’s my duty to still tell you so that in case you have missed the whole fun part . It’s lohri or was lohiri. I am adding was because like many other things we have different style and days for that too. Like we have so many names for lohri like Makarsnkrati and bihu , state change name change and so the celebration day changes too.

Well, why you are getting tense? Change is the first rule of nature; the only species that survives are those who are most responsive to the changes. How come you are still in the same dress see! Am I the only one who cares in this whole world that how are you looking?

5 dresses for this Makarsankranti , so ladies let’s celebrate this lohri not just in different  style but in different fashion too.

Saree – You have guessed it already that it would be first in the list. A beautiful saree. Any occasion or any smart person would suggest the same thing as I am now. A perfect attire to make you glow with the bonfire of lohri. And by way, it’s just the beginning of new year I want to you to see all the new you in new designer sarees.


Patiala Salwar kameez – of course this is the best option in so many dresses , famously it’s a punjabi festival , after all it’s a traditional occasion what else could be next in the list. There are so many designer salwar kameez out there, if you like shopping you can shop or else you just need to scroll up and down your PC’s screen.


Celebrity style – there are so many daily soaps which will be celebrating lohri these days and that not ends here , this will go on and on for like a month or so . One after another daily soap , you will see that how your favorite Ishita and Akshara looking different and stylish on this lohri. Don’t worry you can look like them too. Find your favorite celebrity style online, click on it,buy the same dress and here comes the new celebrity of the house. [That can be you beautiful lady]


 Lehenga choli – well this one dress is very famous among ladies but the sad part is that it’s hard and difficult to carry a lehenga , it’s not that lehenga is very difficult to wear but the basic need of any lehenga is you need something very special and traditional to carry this dress. As per the demand of the lohri now is the time you go and put on a beautiful lehenga choli.


Traditional Anarkali salwar kameez – finally a beautiful Anarkali salwar kameez , a perfect attire for any  woman , fat , curvy or thin , zero figure [ I really mean when I said any woman ] would look awesome in a Anarkali salwar kameez.

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