How to Look Taller in Indian Outfits

It’s the dream of every woman to look taller and smarter, for those women you have short height they have many problems related to fashion. There are many fashion outfits that they can’t even wear because of their short height. But here are some awesome fashion tips and tricks which you can follow and look a bit inches taller than you regular height.

Indian Outfits that Makes you Look Taller

The whole idea is if you look thinner then automatically you will look a few inches taller. Indian outfits are the best when you want to look thinner. Below are the list of few Indian Outfits which can make you look taller.

High Waist Palazzo Pants

When you wear high waist palazzos, it creates an illusion on longer legs and you end up looking taller than you actually are! Check out few of the designs below:


Floor Length Anarkalis

Again the magic is of creating illusion of height, you can wear floor length anarkalis with high heels and make yourself look taller. While choosing a floor length anarkali, choose the one which flares starts from above the stomach area and ends at the bottom. This will give an illusion that your torso is shorter and your legs are longer, making you look tall.


Kurtis with Huge Flares

If you want to give an illusion of being tall then avoid figure hugging kurtis and go for flared kurtis that will make you look thinner as well as taller. Especially those women having heavy hips should opt for flared kurtis as it makes their lower portion look narrower and automatically makes you look taller.


Deep V-Necklines

No matter which type of saree blouse you are wearing whether it’s a halter neck, ethnic jacket, make sure that the necklines are V-shaped and are deeper. The whole idea of flaunting a deep neckline is to let the focus draw on the upper side of the body.


Chiffon and Crepe Sarees

You need to choose saree in such fabrics that’s doesn’t makes you look heavier. Avoid wearing sarees in fabrics like banarasi silk, fluffy net, polyster or tissue as they look too heavy on the body. You can wear sarees of light fabrics like chiffon sarees, crepe sarees, georgette etc as it will make you appear slimmer.



Additional Tips to make your look Taller

  • Be careful of the waistline: These days most of the kurtis and salwar kameez are coming in designs that have front cut from bottom to the waist line or even higher. If you are short heighted and wants to look taller then avoid wearing such kurtis. As the cut will create a gap between your upper half of the body and lower half and make you appear shorter in height.
  • Highlight your Legs in the right way: When you are short, you legs play an important role in creating an illusion of you looking tall. Opt for leggings rather than regular salwars as they make your legs look slender as compared to salwars which automatically makes you look taller. Best idea is to avoid wide legged pants if you have a short height. But if the trending fashion doesn’t allows you to do so, like these days palazzo pants are really in fashion and you can’t manage not to wear them at least once then opt wear it high waisted and with wedges.
  • Go for Single Color from top to bottom: If you wear the top in different color and the bottom in different color, it will only divide the upper and lower part of your body and make you look shorter. Whereas when you wear a single color from top to bottom without any cuts in between, a single vertical frame is created from top to bottom which makes you look taller.
  • Choose Vertical Stripes: Always remember if you are short heighted then the horizontal stripes are a big no for you as they only makes you appear broader and thus shorter. Choose the outfits in vertical stripes as the long lines creates an illusion of added length and make you look taller.
  • Add height on your Top: Well, when you do this you automatically adds a few inches to your overall appearance. You can very well use your hairs for this purpose. Tie a high pony or a high bun and create an illusion of added height.
  • Fitting is Most important: Yes, this is the most important thing if you want to look taller. The more baggy or loose your outfits would be, the more your will appear shorter. Hence go for proper fitted clothes only.

So, now you know all the tricks and fashion tips to look taller, all you need to do is follow them and see the change.


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