Dress up in Pre Stitched Ready to Wear Sarees

Are you among one of them who is just amazed with the grace of sarees? Wanna wear it for once? But don’t know how to wear it? Tried learning from various videos, read articles but still nothing is helping you? Well, if this is all that’s happening with you then I would say, Just relax and go for Pre Stitched sarees. Now the next question that will arise in your mind is will it give you the similar look as of the saree? So, the answer is yes it will look exactly the same as a normal self draped saree.


Pre-Stitched or you can say Ready to Wear sarees is made for your convenience so that you can get rid of the whole tiring process of draping a saree.  Pre-stitches sarees are a boon for those women who are new to this Indian outfit and eagerly wants to try it since years.  These sarees are stitched as per your measurement and you can wear it just like a skirt. You can fit into Ready to wear sarees in just 1 minute whereas a normal saree draping can take 7-10 minute in draping ( this is the time frame for the expert saree drapers)


In the Pre-stitched saree the pleats are already stitched and you don’t need to create any pleats and tuck them. You also don’t need to adjust the pallu length again and again. You also don’t need to buy an additional petticoat with these ready to wear saris as it is stitched along with the petticoat (underskirt).


Steps of Wearing a Ready to Wear Saree

  1. Wear it like a skirt
  2. Zip it up
  3. Wear the blouse
  4. Drape the pallu over the left shoulder
  5. You are ready for the party

At Indiabazaaronline you get the complete freedom of converting any saree into a Ready to Wear saree. All you need to do is just mention the following details:

Item Code/ SKU of the Saree

Around Waist Measurement (In Inches)

Around Hip Measurement (In Inches)

Waist to Feet Measurement (In Inches)

You Height

So, why are you still waiting?? It’s a great chance for all those lovely ladies especially women from the foreign countries who just love our bollywood divas in sarees and want to dress up in the same way. Order your Pre Stitched saree today and full fill your long awaiting desire of getting dressed up in a sari.

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