Hottest Bridal Colour Lehenga Trends 2016

No matter how much western fashion touches our heart  and we tend to adopt them in our lifestyle, when it comes to bridal dress, nothing seems more apt than you classical and traditional Indian dress like Lehengas. And if the wedding bells are ringing for you then without any doubt your primary concern is your wedding attire which ideally is the most important dress of your entire life.


You want to look the best and obviously you want to devote all the time in the world to conclude on the most beautiful Lehenga, that you have laid eyes on. And with a plethora of fresh designers coming with unique and creative designs, famed brands coming up with new styles and also not to forget the online stores rising up the charts, choosing the perfect one can be quite a tedious task. So a good way to handle the task is by narrowing down the options based on preferences. Say start by choosing on the colour options that will aggravate your look and look more brightening. If you need inspirations on bridal lehenga colours 2016, here are some ideas straight from the ramp

Ravishing Red

Traditional and timeless the dynamic red has been ruling the bridal show for many years. In fact the idea was so laden that bridal wear was almost synonymous to Red Lehenga. A bold option this surely helps to be donned with a dynamic and glamorous look especially with the graceful fabrics like silk, velvet and satin. The colour itself is a style statement and if coupled with gold jewellery it recreates the age old aura ad elegance of Indian brides that we are so fond of.

02bipasha-wedding-11 glamorous-red-velvet-heavy-work-bridal-lehenga-choli-wg34107__72936_std impressive-red-velvet-bridal-lehenga-choli-with-heavy-work-wg34207__94459_std

Charming Coral

No doubt the red house has its own fan following but with so much new creations in fashion industry one may believe in trying something new to add on the charm of the day. In this race the colour which is capturing people’s heart in recent times being one of the most sought after wedding colour this season is coral. Contrasted with peach, tangerine ad even shades of red this looks quite glowing and captivating. Be it fair or dusky skin type, wearing the charming coral is always a compliment.


Adorable Rani pink

Close to the house of red the adorable rani pink is a great choice for the bridal costume especially for the fairer skin tone ladies. Bright and vibrant, the rani pink lehengas look the best with gold and silver embellishments and grants a look which is refreshing and quite beautiful. Straight from the fairy tale books this will definitely make you feel like the princess for the day.

Wedding Ceremony of Soha Ali Khan & Kunal Kemu (2)

Glamorous Gold

Nothing compares the glam look of the golden bridal lehengas and I bet you can’t remain satisfied with just one look. The essence of this colour is the look of royalty and sophistication that is incomparable and what more it looks great on every type of complexion. The opulence of gold gets highlighted with antique golden embroidery and looks more bright with antique accessories like emerald, rubies etc.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif walk the ramp for designer Manish Malhotra show at the Delhi Couture Week 2012, in New Delhi on Saturday. (Photo: IANS)


Sensuous Neon

Neon colours are the latest inclusion in the larger forum of fashion vista. Almost every fashion designer recognizes the gamut of neon colours and utilize it in their collections. The best way to highlight the attire is to combine a neon lehenga with a tone lower so that you don’t blaze as a bulb but radiate like sunshine.


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