6 Tips To Buy Salwar Kameez For Short Girls

Salwar kameez is a dress that never goes out of style. Trends change, designs change, patterns change, but the essence of this traditional south Asian dress remains the same. Whenever, you do not seem to decide what to wear, it always comes to your rescue. It is a dress that can be as simple to be worn in offices and as intricate to be adorned on a wedding.  However, just like any other dresses, this one also needs to be worn according to one’s body structure and height, to get the right look. Here are some tips to select salwar kameez if you have are short in height.



  1. Select Longer Kameez

If you want to give an illusion of more height, you should always select long kameez, especially, if you are wearing it with churidaar salwar or leggings.  If possible avoid borders all together and wear matching salwar to give an illusion of continuity and hence height. If it has border or flares at the end, make sure that they do not go beyond your mid-ankle. Also, the flares or borders should also be not wide.



  1. Select Darker Shades

Wearing darker shades and solid colours will make you look taller. Consider navy blue, dark grey, maroon, green and other dark colours from the palette. The reason behind this is that dark shades absorb more light and thus withdraw back to your background, instead of lighter colours which creates contrast with the background. Does that mean you have to do away with all your favourite white kurtis? Certainly not, you can mix lighter kurtis with darker salwars for a taller look. Wearing monochrome colour scheme also works well in creating the illusion of height.



  1. Select Vertical Stripes or Smaller Prints

Anything that subdues the human body’s anomaly, when the look up and down the body, will create an illusion of height. Therefore, vertical stripes are considered a must for those who want to give a lengthening effect. Choose kurtis with vertical stripes and avoid bolder and larger prints. If you want to go for prints, choose smaller prints like polka dots.



  1. Avoid Low Waist Salwar

This is especially important when you are wearing short kameez. Make sure to wear your salwar from your natural waistline. This will give a lengthening effect to your legs, making you appear taller, by making your legs look longer.



  1. Choose the Sleeves Wisely

No matter how much you want to go for that heavily decorated sleeves or puff sleeves, you have to restrain your heart. If you want to look taller, you have to take the attention away from your upper body, especially if you also happen to be on the plumper side. Choose simple sleeves for your kurtis, with minimum pattern or embroidery.  If you have floppy arms, go for full or 3/4th sleeves.



  1. Choose the Right Fabric

When it comes to the fabric, you are fortunate to choose from a myriad of them. However, avoid using fabrics which are stiff, like organza. You can choose from cotton, mesh, lycra, velvet, or flowy fabric like georgette or chiffon.



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