5 Tips to Wear a Saree if you have Short Height

Saree is one of the most popular Indian attire which has a timeless appeal. It’s not only popular in India but also in other part of the Asian Sub Continent, in fact now it’s even popular in the Western countries. There are many ways of draping a saree which one can choose as per the occasion. Many of the short height women this miss conception that the sarees won’t look good on them and its only meant for tall gals. But that’s not true and just because you are short heighted you can’t miss the charm of wearing a saree, here I am sharing few tips on

How to wear a saree if you are short

Wear Vertical Stripe Sarees

If you are short heighted then prefer choosing sarees with Vertical strips as these strips gives an illusion of a taller height. In the stripes also make sure that you choose thin stripes, broad stripes are a strict NO.  The most preferred choice should be a crepe printed saree having vertical stripes.


High Heels are a Savior

Why are high heels meant for? Why worry about something that’s not gifted to you naturally but you can anyways use heels to increase your height and get the perfect look in the saree. Pencil heels or wedges can be the perfect choice.

Avoid Big Prints and Large Borders

If you choose bigger prints and heavy border then it will only make you look even shorter in height and ruin the overall look. Rather than you should opt small prints and thin border sarees as it will give an illusion of increased height. Also make sure that the pleats are arranged in a proper manner, else if it’s messy then it will look too shabby and make you appear bulkier and short.


Choose Black

There is some magic in the color black, if you are fat, if you are short, wear black and then all your flaws disappear.



Slim Fit Petticoat

Rather than choosing a regular flared petticoat, choose slim fit petticoat as it will accentuate your body figure and enhance your height.

Don’t Over Do Accessories

Accessories like clutch, statement necklace, earrings, finger rings have the ability of making a look or breaking a look. Hence, if you are short heighted then you have to be extra careful about not choosing such accessories which is hiding your height. Like say if you are wearing a plain saree with a Maharani Blouse then don’t go with stamen necklace, rather just wear a nice pair of danglers and watch out for all the attention that you will get.


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