5 Must Have Indian Jewellery

The passionate love and desire towards Jewelry especially for Indian women is never a hidden fact. That is why, in terms of gift to women, there’s never a wiser choice than a precious piece of ornament. The significance of jewelry for women can be well perceived from the obvious fact that women’s wardrobe is absolutely incomplete without proper set of jewelleries. As per the present trends, artificial jewellery online has taken the market with a storm where every other female individuals are in love with them. But irrespective of this, the heirloom ornaments pass on to us by our grandmothers or the extremely classical rich traditional Indian jewellery have always managed to secure a very special place in every Indian women’s heart.


Being fond of jewelleries in general, Indian women never hesitates in donning variant types of ornaments but when it comes to looking traditional and stylish then the first choice for all is undoubtedly the traditional Indian jewellery which is known to strike the right chord between style, trend, glamour, ethnicity and culture. Here’s a list of all those ornaments that a perfect fusion of style and custom

Classy Long Necklace

One of the most lavish and glamorous piece of Jewellery that adorns almost every Indian women jewellery box, is the classy long necklace, If you have not inherited it make sure you invest for one as it looks absolutely stunning with all kinds of attire, be it contemporary or Indian.


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Studs/ Chandelier Earrings/Hoops

Classy studs are the most subtle yet aristocratic style that never looks out of place. Eternally beautiful and with loads of elegance the stone studded studs are the right choice for the minimalistic look. Hoop rings embedded in gold and silver are fun accessories that look flauntingly beautiful. But when the idea is to look all dressed up for the party, then it’s the ever charming chandelier earrings that grants the dazzling bold look. Wear it with modishness as these earrings are eternal and will never go out of style.



One thing that can never go wrong with Indian complexion and will always look perfect is the Pearl jewelleries. Be it the layered necklaces, the dangling earrings or the delicate bracelets, the piece of sea jewel just adds enough sophistication with every attire.



Considered as one of the standard ornament for married ladies in the country, many women can be spotted with a silver or gold anklet which looks stylish and beautiful too. However with the changes in the fashion trend, stone studded anklets have also gone popular available with many websites selling imitation jewelry online.  Don it with traditional saree or contemporary capris, the piece of jewelry just looks the best.


Bangles/ Bracelets

Bangles or Bracelets are the perfect piece of jewelry to flaunt. Be it the traditional golden bangles or stone studded artificial jewelry online, showcasing one in the wrist really catches the eye. And what more it matches with all kinds of attire and in every occasion. So make sure you have it ready for the next event.


As the popular saying goes, if dresses are the cake, jewelleries to match it, is the icing. So make sure you have it all.


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