5 Must Have Accessories for Saree

Sarees has always remained the first choice of all the ladies be it any occasion, whether it’s festival, party or wedding. The grace of the saree comes out even more beautifully when you accessorize it with Indian jewelleries like bangles, kamarbandh, earrings or necklace. But it’s important to choose the right king of accessory for your saree as it can make or break the look.  So, below I have suggested 5 Must have accessories when you wear a saree:

Beautiful Bangles

Bangles look so beautiful in a lady’s hand and looks like a perfect accessory for saree. These days you can easily find wide range of Indian bangles and wedding bangles online also. Bangles are easily available in the market and come in various colors, you can easily mix and match the bangles with the color of your saree and grace any occasion. If it’s a family wedding then you can also go for gold, silver or diamond bangles and flaunt some royal side of yours.  In daily use, Indian women prefer to wear either glass bangles or metal bangles.



Traditionally, a bindi over an Indian woman’s forehead signifies her as Suhagaan but now it’s no longer restricted upto that only. With so many designer bindis online, even the young and teenage girls love to put on the bindi on their forehead and flaunt it. The plain circular bindis look very graceful with the cotton sarees. You can find bindis in various shapes and sizes, some are plain where some are decorative which you can wear with heavy work sarees on special occasions like weddings and festivals.


Well Fitted Blouse

Blouses are among one of the most important accessories for sarees as the entire look depends a lot on the design of the blouse. For wedding and parties you can choose designer blouses online. You can choose from the latest blouse designs like sheer blouse, crop top blouse, lace one, collared ones, off shoulder, backless, high neck blouse etc.


Potli Bags or Clutch

Something feels incomplete if you don’t carry a potli bag or a clutch with a saree. These days it’s not like you take clutches or handbags because you need to carry something in it, now it has become more of a style statement. If you are going for a festive or wedding event then I would suggest you to carry a potli bag and if you are out for an evening or cocktail party then carry a studded crystal clutch bag or an embroidered one.



Waist Belt or Kamarbandh

It’s not a kind of accessory for saree which you will wear on a daily basis. But on occasions like wedding, this accessory will add wonders to your look. This is like a belt but it not so casual, its studded with crystal and stones and hence a perfect choice to wear at big events like wedding.


Try out wearing these different accessories with saree and don’t forget to write the number of compliments that you got on the comment below.


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