5 Celebrities Those We Love To Follow

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend” Albert Camus , great thought , i agree with him , even I could be more agree if I was born during world war 1st and second. Thanks to God that I ain’t that era born and obviously enjoy being in this era and enjoy being BFF of Bollywood and Television celebrities. I love my century [don’t you guys? ]. We love to follow them, watch them and enjoy to be like them. Celebrity inspire us a lot , our 1/4th time of the day goes surfing them on internet.

Why wouldn’t we? We are free; we live in peaceful society and have enough time to entertain ourselves , think about ourselves and other peoples [ ohhhhh , that’s why eaves dropping is so famous these days]. Well, when we have all the time in the world and by all mean we really love to follow our lovely celebs. These people entertain us, work 24*7 to get our attention, so if we like to follow them, I don’t understand, how is that should be an issue?
So let’s give you guys some names of the famous celebs those are not just famous for their work but also for good fashion sense and style, you love them, follow them and wanna be like them. There are many celebrities in Bollywood and television but i chose these fantastic five

SONAM KAPOOR [Wears everything in different style] – the woman really is trend setter, she wears even a pin in her hair that becomes style, she wore dhoti sari and that became famous over a night , apart from these , recently she also did some fine work in acting career , that’s enough reason to follow her style. She is more known for her fashion sense in spite of her acting sense.

sonam kpoor

PRIYANKA CHOPRA alias PC [versatile genius] – she is the person who is not afraid if she looks ridiculous in the movie [remember Barfi ? ] if the movie is different she goes for it, that’s why we go for her. P.C is God gifted, she has got good voice, amazing body and acting talent but it’s her amazing mind that keeps her always in a different zone than the other Bollywood stars , she looks awesome in sarees , amazing in gown , beautiful in salwar kameez she is the one that can say when she dressed up that all eyes on us  Of course we love to follow her style traditional style as well as western style.

priyanka chpora

KANGNA RANAUT [ different is new sexy ]-  her voice , her dressing style and her acting style surely is different , first people rejected her then accepted her with heart [ isn’t it obvious ? first we reject something different then we accept it ] , to be honest , I liked her as a model in Fashion movie more than Priyanka Chopra. Her curly hair and model look body is more suitable for western dresses, though she looks good in salwar kameez but saree is so not her type. If you like western dresses and believe that different is not weird but amazing , then she can be your inspiration for you look.


DIVYANKA TRIPATHI [special bonding with sarees] – From her reel life to her real life , this one looks in sarees more than any other actress on television [ you can call her Rekha or Vidya Balan of television ] and she is smart that she chooses a saree to hug her beautiful body. If you are a house wife or doesn’t belong to a family that allows you to carry western dresses then you should take inspiration from Ishita or should I say Divyanka. Personally I would give her ten on ten to making saree her always go to dress. Follow her women and prove that there is a reason; we Indians love saree more than anything else.

ishita, divyanka

HINA KHAN [incarnation of traditions] – another television star [we all watch tv , don’t we ?] , consistently she appears in traditional dresses [ playing Akshara in Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has changed her , I guess ] or she really is a traditional dresses lover . That’s none of our business but I love the way she dress up [I love my traditional dresses guys ] , unlike Divyanka , she prefers Salwar kameez for public presence and I prefer to follow her style [ for my lovely mother’s sake] , I mean when ever Indian mothers see her , they never forget to mention that this is our culture not those knee length dresses [ sometimes you laugh and sometimes you just say a big MOM ] but your mother is not wrong neither are you , it’s just time .


These celebrities are here because of some reasons, their fame is highly rated, they are respected among public and they know how to handle their popularity with dignity. There are thousands of celebrity out there in the world those have good and I would say brilliant fashion sense but I guess nobody has that much time to read a long list so I cut the list in short. Rest you can find out on your own [ or you can wait to meet me with next one ] , I think second option is much better.

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