4 Ways to Budget for Indian Weddings

Budgeting tips are very important for Indian weddings as it’s a lavish affair and not doing proper planning before can lead to lots of unnecessary expenses. Rather than crying about lots of debt later on, it’s better to take some budgeting tips for Indian Wedding in advance. Here are some logical ways to save your hard earn money getting waste for one lavish affair.

Decide your Limits

The first thing you need to do before planning a wedding is, deciding an approx amount that you are capable of spending. If you have any other helping hand like relatives and all who are ready to contribute then you can count upon them also but not majorly. Get all these stats clear before you start deciding on how to avoid spending.

Off Season Shopping

All the wedding shopping especially the bridal lehenga and other stuff comes with a high price tag if you purchase them in the wedding season. Same thing if you buy on off season then you may get off season discount and the same outfit you can get at a much less price. You don’t have to compromise on style; the price really comes down during off season. Have patience!!


Swap Destination Wedding with Banquet Hall Wedding

Understood that Destination wedding is amazing but the scenic beauty you can always enjoy during your honeymoon period. Rather than spending crores on destination wedding, you can go for a Banquet Hall which can cost you anywhere around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1, 00,000. Tell me something when your partner is with you, does the place of wedding really matters? Ok, even if does, trust me there are many banquet halls which can be decorated as per your desired themes and you can get the same feel as of destination wedding and the price would be much lesser than that.

Replica Designer Lehenga

Every Bride has this huge dream of getting dressed in her favorite designer lehenga on her wedding day, no matter how much that Lehenga cost. But be a little practical and think it this way that you need the outfit for just one day and spending a huge amount on it is really not a very good idea. Instead of going for a “mehenga vala designer lehenga” (costly Designer Lehenga) why not go for a replica Designer Lehenga which will give you exactly the same look and at the same time it will also cost you way much lesser than the original one.


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