10 Indian Outfit Styles that Makes you look Taller

Since a long time we believed that one can look taller only by wearing heels but that’s not true. If you pay a slight attention to the prints and designs of the outfits, you will automatically see the difference. If you have to glam up in an Indian outfit for any function recently then here are some tips on Indian outfit styles that makes you look taller. Let’s have a look:

Vertical Prints

Trust me vertical prints does makes a difference as it creates an illusion of long straight lines making you look taller. Whether you are wearing an anarkali, indo western gown or a saree, pick the outfit having elongated prints.

Straight Cut Outfits

What happens when you wear a straight cut kurta or kameez is that it makes your body look slim and ultimately that makes you look taller. To keep the tall look going what you can do is pair the kurta with a matching color bottom so that it gives a look of one piece dress making you look taller. If you wear a different color top and different color bottom then the illusion of height can’t be created as the color coordination will break.

straight-cut-salwar-kameez straight-cut-salwar-kameez

High Waist Bottoms

Whether it’s a lehenga, ethnic skirt or palazzos, the trick is to wear them high waist. When to wear your Indian outfit high waist you create an illusion of having long legs which make you look taller.


Deep Necklines

Wear deep necklines blouses or choli in order to make your neck look longer. If you are short heighted then you strictly need to avoid wearing close neck blouses or high neck choli.


Single Color from Head to Toe

Wearing a single color from top to bottom gives an illusion of a taller body. If you choose the top and the bottom in two different colors, it will end up separating the upper and lower part of your body, making you look shorter than you are. As opposed to that, an elongated frame is created when you sport one single color from top to bottom without any patterns and long vertical frames are known to make you look taller.

look-taller-in-monochrome-colors monochrome-color-outfit-to-make-you-look-taller

Tiered Silhouettes

Break the monotony of your ethnic wear collection with tiered kurtas. Tiered silhouettes create an illusion of added length. As the name suggests, it is made up of horizontal panels which are stitched one below the other from the lower waistline. The panels running around the body create geometric lines that make a person look elevated. The more the panels, the more majestic the kurta looks. Style it with a pair of matching leggings and finish off the look with dangling earrings.


Elongated Prints

If you are short, then the horizontal prints are a big no for you as they make you look shorter. Rather go for the outfits in elongated prints. The longer, continuous prints give the visual impression of height. It lengthens the upper body and creates the illusion of height. These prints are great elements to help attain length. The key is to ensure that it doesn’t contrast a lot with the rest of the ensemble.

Front-slit Kurtas

Front-slit kurtas are in trend these days and they add the illusion of height. Avoid bold prints and go for plain colors to solve the actual purpose. Move over conventional kurtas with side slits; instead, go for front slits that start at the waistline. This will create vertical lines that make you look taller and also thinner. Pair them with solid colored churidars to increase the length of your legs and to manifest the edgy look.

front-cut-kurta-makes-you-look-taller front-cut-kameez-makes-you-look-taller

Flared Kurtis

Flares are an evergreen fashion trend that you can never go wrong with. This type of kurtis is available in two variants –narrow flared kurtas and wide flared kurtas. However, it can be made in a variety of lengths. If you want to give an illusion of being elevated then steer clear of body-hugging kurtas and choose flared ones as it will make you look taller as well as slimmer.

For ladies, who have a bulkier body and heavier hips, flared kurtas can be your best friend as it makes their lower body part look narrower. As a result, it will make you look a lot taller. A win-win situation– isn’t it?

Asymmetric Hemline

Asymmetrical hemline gives the illusion of a taller body, so if you get bored of wearing straight hemline again and again then try this. Normally, it is made up of lightweight fabric and the longer part goes up to the knee length or calf length. Pair this kurta with leggings or jeggings for a modish edge. This asymmetrical kurta provides a unique formal twist to traditional ethnic styling.

So, if you have a desire of looking taller in Indian outfit then just follow these styles and rock it.

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