“You didn’t know what you were looking for , Till you heard the voices in your ear“ .

What are the differences among Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, Deepika, USA first lady Michelle Obama and duchess of Cambridge Kate Midelton, yeah don’t even bother to answer it because there are so many that anyone would get exhausted. For instance their profession, belongings and the big one is that they all belongs to different countries but one thing they all have in common is that  they all dress up pretty good and known for their good fashion sense .

 michelle, sonam and deepika

Talking about fashion sense then one big question pops up that what’s not to like ‘bout fashion . let it be Indian sarees , western gown or Pakistani Anarkali suit but the only problem is that fashion demands occasion and occasion demands good fashion sense and to put  some good fashion sense into ourselves all we need is keep trying and buying new outfits.

Festive season has gone and so is the advantage of wearing your favorite chilly-billy dark colors dresses  but hey welcome to the real world and get ready to paint yourself as literate and mature person . fiker not nobody is gonna impose their like or dislike on you but as we all know that not giving a damn about what others think also has its collateral damage and listening  bad things about your newly bought dress is one of them but be yourself anyway as it is well said that by being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not here before said by Edwin Elliot and if you are thinking who is Edwin Elliot then don’t think because “who is he” question is not the deal here but  what he said is the real deal  is, so before someone comes to you and say that “hey that dress is not for you” on your face you tell the person that at least I am trying something new and keep going on the path of buying new outfits just to see if they were out there only for you. And then there will be one good day when you really get to know that which dress makes you look prettier and different from others , so what if you are not duchess of Cambridge and don’t own any personal tailor or boutique but you have one thing that makes you feel like having choices like Kate Midelton and that is online shopping options. shop more , find more.

Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Visits The Treehouse Children's Centre

People are going to say that you are wasting your money and blah blah things but it’s all worth it when you wear that one outfit which you have found after a long line of not so cool outfits and feel like “yes , this is the one.”. Someone has said it very correct that practice makes a man perfect.  Think twice is a concept for common people and sign of unwillingness or weakness so don’t tangled yourself in should I or should I not thing , buy the dress you like , the best you can do is try it on.  Don’t judge the dress by a look. May be its not attractive in first look but when you buy it and wear it like 2 or 3 times you got to realize that it’s not so bad at all . Here is the Q tip to become a good fashion star that don’t be judgmental ,Judgmental attitude is known as bad faith and no one wants to be this way so never judge any dress without trying. If you want to be in the line of Sonam and Deeika all you need to do is reach out for the best dress that suits you better than your favorite drink. Just remember the very famous song of cheap trick “you didn’t know what you were looking for ,Till you heard the voices in your ear“ . So guys go get them and make the world say that you really have some great taste and sense of fashion .


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