World Environment Day: Pledge To Use Eco Friendly Cotton Fabric

5th June is celebrated all over the world as environment day and several pledges are taken on this day for saving the nature like planting more trees, doing organic farming but how about following the same thing in fashion. Just a slight change in your fashion sense can contribute a lot towards the environment. If you really want to save the nature then on this environment day take a pledge to embrace sustainable fashion by choosing fabric like cotton. The reason is cotton fabric causes the minimum harm to the nature as it has features like being renewable, sustainable as well as biodegradable. Don’t feel that if you choose cotton then your fashion will get restricted, here check it out what option you can have:

world-environment-dayCotton Kurti: Three benefits of this attire is it looks trendy, it saves you from summer prickly heat and by using this as you fashion wear you are also contributing to the nature. Most of the women prefer to wear kurti as their office wear so what they can do is replace the other fabrics with the cotton ones as it looks more elegant and also helps a lot in saving the nature. You can buy cotton kurti online at Indiabazaaronline.

say-yes-to-kurti-world-environment-dayCotton Salwar Kameez: Cotton Salwar Kameez: This is certainly the show stealer for the summer season and is counted among the highest sale able Indian wears.

cotton-salwar-kameezCotton Kurta Payjama: Ok understood that you can’t walk in to your office wearing a kurta (by the way not a bad idea you can at least try it once) but as a casual wear or for some festive occasions cotton kurta payjama looks good and comfortable. One more feature which makes cotton the coolest fabric is that its skin friendly and protects your skin from any kind of rashes.


Everyone can contribute their little bit and save the nature, so on this world environment day take a pledge to use cotton fabric as your fashion wear.  Its our duty to take care of the nature where we live.

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