What to Wear on Your First Date?

How many of you still remember your first date? I am sure many of your answer would be “Yes off course”. First dates are certainly special and everyone have their own feelings and emotions attached to it. Well those who have already gone through this phase, they are well aware of the excitement and the craziness related to it. Are you among the one who have still not experienced your this amazing day till date in your life and are looking forward to it? Well in that case your excitement level is totally understood, especially the question which keeps you tensed every time, what to wear on your first date? I am sure those who have already gone through this day still remember their first date dress up. Here you can take the below styling tips and get rid of this tricky question.

Easy And Comfortable Stylish Tunics: First and the most important thing is wear something in which you feel comfortable and easy so that you can concentrate more over the love talks and your partner. Make sure that it’s your important day and your partner deserves all your attention, so, anything that is uneasy to wear should be a complete NO. Stylish tunics are the best to wear on this occasion as it makes you to look classy as well as you remain at your ease in this outfit and it also fits well into your budget.

dresses-for-your-first-dateThe Right Make Up: Even if you are not a makeup lover, you need to look at your best with some dark shades of lipsticks, kajal, eyeliner and mascara in your eyes. The whole thing is not about what you are but its about how you manage to look different on this new experience of your life.

make-up-tips-for-first-dateHairstyle: Make sure whether you let your hairs down or tie a bun around, whatever you do it should compliment your look.

maxresdefaultAccessorize it well: For me there would be only two accessories one is my favorite scarf and other a lovely clutch purse and my look for this very important day completes.


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