Wedding Turban: A must have Indian Groom Outfit

Pagri or safa is one of the most important part of Indian groom wedding outfit. It represents the royal factor in any marriage and the groom wears it with his matching sherwani or men’s designer suit. These long striped pieces of cloth come in various patterns like and in various styles and you can easily find Groom Wedding Turbans Online in pre stitched form or as a drape too. Mens are actually the highlights on their marriage day and they have to get that royal factor in their outfit. The pagri is not a usual day wear and that’s why when on the wedding day a men accessorize his outfit with it, they looks amazingly

A traditional pagri is 9 inches wide and 52 feet long cloth fabric which is used to tie around the head. The long cloth can have any designs imprints on it but the most popular are bandhej print, rajasthani print, plain pink ones. A decorative broch or pearl mala is embellished at the middle front of the safa which is known as kalgi.groom-turban

Turbans not only add the royal charm to the outfit but it also carries the old age tradition of Raja Maharajas lives. It also reflects the social status of a person and hence it’s important to choose the best designer pagri for groom.

Along with the groom, the baraties are also seen in dressed in same color pagri in a wedding. If you are in a wedding and want to know that who are the close relatives of the wedding couple are then by just watching the same safa design you can distinguish who are the family members of the bridegroom.

safa-for-groomEarlier Men do not have much choice about the prints and design but now they have so many options of getting their turban customized in matching to their wedding outfits. Various broches and kalgis are available to match the look of the attire.

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