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India is one such country where all the festivals and all the marriage functions are celebrated with huge enthusiasm and fun. Especially in Indian weddings, people actively take part in each and every ritual and ceremony. Whether it be the ring ceremony, mehendi ceremony, sangeet ceremeony, wedding or reception, every one remains in the full zest may that be in dancing, dressing or eating.   However, India consists of 28 states, each state have a different culture, language, tradition, food and dress.

Let’s see the difference in the marriage culture of few Indian states:


Language and Culture: Punjab is located in the North West of India. People of Punjab are very jolly in nature and their main cuisine includes Chole Bhutre with a glass of full of Lassi.

Punjabi Wedding:

However if talk about the Punjabi weddings, Punjabi bride always wear a red color salwar kameez with ethnic jewelry and chuda in her hands. Punjabi weddings take place in Gurdwara, wherein the wedding completes when both the groom and the bride takes four rounds around the Gurugranth sahib. During wedding men do the popular bhangra dance and women do the gidda dance wearing the special Punjabi suits.

Punjabi bridal wear Punjabi wedding dress Anarkali suit


Language and Culture: Rajasthan, located in the North West of India is well known for its Royal Palaces. People of Rajasthan speak marvari/rajasthani language and their main cuisine is dal-bati churma. You can find Bhandej print in each and every wear, be it a saree, salwar kameez, duppatta or pagari. Bhandej print defines the dressing style of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Wedding:

Rajasthani weddings are ROYAL and luxurious. Now even many foreigners plan their marriage in the Royal Palaces of Rajasthan in an Indian way.  Rajasthani weddings take place with the seven pheras around the holy fires. Each of the seven phera defines a specific promise which the husband -wife makes to each other.  Rajasthani bride is dressed in a traditional bridal lehenga with Indian ethnic jewelry whereas the groom is dressed in a sherwani with a duppatta.

sherwani bridal lehenga bridal lehengas

West Bengal:

Language and Culture: West Bengal is located in the Eastern part of India. People here speak the language Bengali and fish-rice is the famous cuisine. In sweets sandesh, rasgulla and misthi dahi are very popular.

Bengali Wedding:

Bengali brides mostly wear red banarasi silk saree draped in the typical Bengali style wherein the pallu of the saree is folded back and attached to the shoulder of the blouse rather than falling down. The groom on the other hand wears a traditional white dhoti kurta. Both the bride and the groom wear a special kind of topor on their head. Bengali wedding affair is a huge one, where you can find variety of mouth watering sweets.

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