Wedding Day Survival Kit for the Bride

Wedding day is the busiest day for any bride as she has hundreds of rituals to perform. A Bride cannot make a wrong impression in front of the whole crowd and therefore she needs some wedding day essentials. Here I will suggest you which all things will make a complete wedding day survival kit.bridal-make-up-kitAll you need to do is just keep a polka dot bag with you and keep the following things inside it.

Wedding Day Essentials for the Bride:

  1. Safety Pins: Don’t forget that on your wedding day, safety pins can be a life saver and can help you get rid of any fuss. As on this day brides are heavily dressed in lehenga choli or lehenga saree with duppatta on their head. While performing so many rituals the duppatta might strike down from the head and for avoiding such situations its best to keep a set of safety pin handy with yourself.
  2. Perfume: A bad odor can make any one turn off and especially on your wedding day definitely you would not like to smell bad.As a wedding is an affair of whole 10-12 hours, so constantly you need to spray some perfume in order to smell fresh and lively.
  3. Small Mirror: Before sitting for rituals, heading for jaimala, a last check is necessary and that’s why small mirror is a must.
  4. Tissues: Tissues are the most important element in any Indian wedding. Wedding is one such relation in which a girl leaves her house permanently and moves to her husband’s house. After finishing the wedding rituals when the bride heads with her husband to her new house that moment is really very emotional one and at that time bride can’t control herself from shedding tears. If the bride keeps a tissue pack with her then she can wipe up the tears and avoid her makeup being messed up.
  5. Camera: You all must be thinking why camera as there are professionally hired photographers but with camera you can take all the candid pictures of yourself while having the bridal make up and post it right then on your favorite networking site, facebook.
  6. Disprin: Bride is the center of attraction on the wedding day and everyone just want to see her. With so many rituals to perform and meeting and greeting each and every guest in the wedding, it can be very hectic and cause headache. Anytime when a bride feels her head is troubling her, she can just sip in the disprin tablet.
  7. Lipstick: Although your bridal makeup person will do the lipstick for you but that won’t retain for whole 10-12 hours and that’s why it’s better you ask your make up person to provide you a small size lipstick of the same shade, so that you can use it anytime you feel the need.
  8. Flat Foot Wears: On your wedding day you will definitely wear high heels but wearing it for the whole wedding can be very painful. That’s why a flat foot wear is a must, so, that you can wear them.
  9. Snacks: It’s the most important thing as during the wedding time as you may or may not get time to have a full fledged food, so keep small snacks like nuts, chips, and biscuits handy. So, that you can keep your tummy happy.
  10. Phone Charger: Phone is the most important thing as it keeps you updated all about the wedding. So a phone charger is a must.

These all are the most important things which a bride should keep in her reach and enjoy her weeding with lots of enthusiasm.

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