Various Designs of Mens Kurta Pyjama

Mens Kurta Pyjama is a two piece outfit which includes a top, length of which is below the knee and a bottom. Kurta pyjama is one of the most traditional outfits of Indian men. Since ages man has been spotted wearing it but with the change in time the designs keeps on changing. Now you can find a wide range of varieties in this outfit. Check out the different styles of this oldest Indian outfit.

Indo western Sherwani: This is the latest pattern; mostly men prefer to wear indowestern sherwani on weddings as it gives a western look as well as a traditional feel. Mostly grooms prefer to wear it as their wedding dress and now not only in India but also all over the globe men just love this outfit. In indowestern style also one can find a wide range of variety like jodhpuri, patiala, coat style and much more. Have a look at various designs of mens kurta pyjama.

red-poly-jacquard-indo-western-sherwani-sig723__08291_thumbrama-green-poly-jacquard-booti-indo-western-style-kurta-pyjama-si33820__44125_thumb mustard-poly-jacquard-indo-western-sherwani-sig923__19723_thumb

Dhoti Sherwani: One who wants a fusion of tradition as well as modern designs, this one is the perfect outfit for them. Sherwani is adorned with lots of heavy work like stone, crystal, diamond and bugle beads.


Dhoti Kurta: This is the most traditional design and it has a grace of its own till now. Dhoti is basically a long cloth which is draped around the waist and after one fold it is bought in between two legs and then finally knotted in the waist. Mostly on a wedding day a bride’s father wear dhoti kurta with a khadi topi on the head.

cream-poly-dupion-dhoti-kurta-sig1423__57046_thumb dark-cream-poly-dupion-kurta-pyjama-sig2523__55257_thumb white-poly-dupion-dhoti-kurta-sig3323__35327_thumb

The Indian attire Men’s Sherwani and kurta pyjama has emerged as a global men wear and people in foreign countries search for the best designs. Through indo western sherwani online they get a wide choice and found innovate patterns like stylish collars and sleeves.

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