Top 20 Mehendi Design For Bride To Rock

Mehendi Ceremony is one such jubilant occasion that is an essential chunk of the marriage festivities. Mehendi Ceremony usually denotes to use of a henna paste in decorative sophisticated designs on the bride’s hands and feet.

Mehendi ceremony is a vital part of Indian wedding where friends and relatives of bride apply mehendi on their hands. This ritual is full joy happiness and traditional aura where new traditional attires are flaunted by folks. Teej in India is known as the festival of mehendi in which all women and girls apply beautiful designs of hina in their hands to celebrate this joyful festival.
As the fashion emerged towards womanish society , the art of applying mehendi also graduated from traditional to modern way. Nowadays , women prefer to craft her spouse name or even sometime her face in term of mehendi. They love to experiments with many new designs.
There is a great demand for a mehendi artist in big fat Indian weddings as mehendi in hands is a great symbol of taking the part of celestial wedding.






As an Ayurveda point of view, mehendi is very useful in preventing stress because of its healing properties for stress. It sooth the affected area and feel cool to the body while keeping the nerves relaxed. Some people apply it on feet and heads to relax. This plant has an antiseptic power which help us from many infections.

In Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth and Diwali, Teej  Mehendi is being applied on hands as well as on feet.  Muslims community also love to apply it on the holu occasions of EID and they call it with another name heena or hina.

In Indian culture, Solah Sringaar has been considered for bride and mehendi is one of the last(solah,16) adornments and without it , the bridal make up and beauty is considered to be incomplete.  As per the historic facts this is one of the oldest form of body art that were practiced by men. The word “mehendi” is derived from a Sanskrit word “mendhika” which was a auyurvedic plant. This plant has a strong history even before sanatan age and vedic culture. The use if this plant was considered auspicious in Hindus as well as in other communities.



bridal hands

good design

heena designs bridal

In marriages now Mehndi ceremony habitually centers around new professional Mehendi artist who dedicate them self in the latest trends in mehendi art. Old-fashioned mehendi designs embrace peacock motifs, flower designs and other fundamentals that would cover every inch of the bride’s hand and feet. For those who like least designs, they can choose Muslim designs where the Mehndi motifs are generally applied to a single side of the hand and feet and do not spread to forearms or calves. Latest trends in bridal mehendi designs integrate colors in between henna motifs, the addition of stones and bling’s, the addition of glitters or metallic dust.

wow design

bridal hands

new design

feet mehendi

next design heena

natural mehendi




heena on nails

The Mehendi of the bride generally happens in early days of marriage usually one day before. These are performed by bride and groom both families at their preferred location mainly at their houses. Ritually this is a women’s act of celebration but nowadays men take part in it and enjoy the ambiances of celebration. Light color outfits are worn by all family members specially white is preferred. The bride mostly chooses pastel-colored wears as it is in the morning and glitzy colors would be avoided.
As a gesture a small amount of mehendi is also applied on groom’s hands. The mehendi for the bride’s mehendi ceremony has to come from the groom’s side along with some gifts like sweets, fruits, dry fruits.
The Mehendi ceremony performed a number of customary beliefs that have been handed down by peers. Conventionally, within the bridal Mehendi, the groom’s initials are hidden written. As a part of post-marriage ceremonies, the groom has to find his initials in his bride’s mehendi. This simple gesture facilitates a nice ice-breaker for the newlywed couple especially if their marriage has been arranged. It is also said that if the color of the mehendi is dark, then the bride will receive more love at her in-laws and especially from her husband. Mehendi ceremony plays an important role in kicking off the wedding festivities in full gear.
It is a fact, that the mehendi ritual is normally witnessed in parts of northern India, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, but the fashion has also expanded popularity all over India. More and more cultures and traditions nowadays are embracing the impression of Mehendi Ceremony as a part of the pre-wedding rituals because of the aesthetics involved. This ritual has become a representation of splendor, entertaining, and celebrations.


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