Tips to Wear a Saree during Pregnancy

Saree is one of the most common outfit in Indian Women’s fashion wardrobe. It is one of the oldest Indian outfit and is considered best for any type of occasion be it casual, party, wedding or festive. All the women loves to drape themselves in this nine yard drape. Draping a saree is actually quite a task but once you learn it then it’s just a 5 minute task. During pregnancy, women feel a bit nervous while wearing a saree as their baby bump would show but if you are a diehard fan on this traditional Indian attire then you don’t need to ditch it. Here are some tips to wear a saree during pregnancy.

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Fabric Selection

During pregnancy you already have a baby bump to make you look heavier, hence while opting for a saree, don’t go for the heavy fabric which will make you look even more  bulkier. Avoid banarasi saree, tissue saree, fluffy cotton saree or heavy zardozi and crystal work saree, opt for thin and light fabric sarees like crepe, chiffon saree, georgette.

Hide your Belly

Although these days women love to flaunt their baby bump, they even choose to do photoshoots with the baby bump. But if you are a bit on the traditonal side and want to keep it hidden then choose long choli or saree blouse to cover your baby bump. You can also choose a belly band to hide your baby bump.


Try it before

If you want to wear a saree for a special occasion and you are pregnant heavily then its better that you try the saree 10-15 days before the big day. Wear the saree, take some time to fit into it and take a walk around wearing the saree, try to sit down and see whether the saree is comfortable or not, check the fabric, see if you feel comfortable around your stomach or not. If everything goes well and you feel totally comfortable in it the go for it and wear it for the occasion.


Change the draping style

Who said that you can’t flaunt your fashion when you are pregnant, infact you should use fashion to enjoy and celebrate your pregnancy. Keep aside the usual drape of ulta pallu and try to go for different style drapes that cover your baby bump. You can go for Bengali saree drape or a Gujrati saree draping style.

Ask for help, if required

Even if you are a genius in draping a saree, it’s going to be hard during your pregnancy days. Wearing a saree need lots of twisting and bending which is not easy when you are heavily pregnant, hence seek help from someone to make you wear a saree. The helper will help you in making the pleats and adjusting them and also making the pallu and setting it. While you are pregnant, always take care that you tie you saree little bit higher than you usually do as this will avoid you from tripping.



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