Tips to Preserve Your Expensive Sarees

Traditional Indian Sarees are known to hold a special place in the heart of every woman possessing it.  They are priceless and they require exclusive care to maintain its sheen to deliver that charming look that made you fall for it, the first time you laid eyes on it.  With the avid popularity of online purchase and designer boutiques in every corner of the country, having a wide collection of expensive sarees is never a problem but maintaining the original glamour of the product after considerable usage is still a challenging task.


However though challenging it’s not impossible. One just needs to know the proper method of taking caring of this prized possession so that it can be protected from popular complains like color damage, marred look, loss of shine and thread damage.  It must be acknowledged that each type of saree is different in characteristic and that is why the process of taking care is also distinctive. The following are few tips that may help in preserving these garments.

Cotton Sarees

A very common and popular style of saree, available with many women across the globe, Cotton sarees needs maximum care as it is posses a laden quality of fading out of its glamour, if not cared timely and properly. In case of washing cotton sarees for the first time use lukewarm rock salt water once, so that colors can be prevented from fading. Cotton sarees have a nature of throwing colors so it’s always better to wash them separately so that other garments are not destroyed. Regular use of starch and iron is very important in case of cotton sarees to maintain its glamorous crisp look on each wear. Cotton sarees should be stored neatly in a hanger to avoid untidy folds and marks of it, here and there.


Chiffon and Georgette

Since these are soft and tender fabrics too much strength while washing or handling should be avoided. It is better to clean these sarees either through dry cleaning or at home in a traditional manner. Clean them naturally and avoid twisting too hard. Store them in hangers neatly for long time use.

Net Sarees

Similar to Chiffon and Georgette the net sarees are equally delicate sarees and should only be dry cleaned to avoid any damage. Machine wash needs to absolutely avoided in this case. The best way to store these sarees are in saree bags to avoid manhandling. Sharp objects should be kept away from this type of saree as it can be easily damaged. Coming in contact to chemical products like naphthalene can be harmful too so use cloves to keep the bugs away.


Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees needs good maintenance to show off its real class and glamour. It should always be dry cleaned and stored in breathable cotton bags and make sure to put them in sunlight within a month if not worn regularly. Ironing should be done with care and with less heat and no water.


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