Tips To Look Beautiful In A Party

Many a times you must be heading towards a party and at the last moment you must be worried that your skin is not upto the mark or your dress is not suitable for the event. There can be many reasons for that but here I will give you some easy tips to look beautiful in a party.

  1. Most important thing is your skin and you need to take care that in the party it should looks fresh and rejuvenating. Before going to the party wash your face with a good quality face wash and then pat dry. Apply lakme foundation, rinse well and then take a little foundation and add sunscreen to it and apply it on your eye lids. Instead of applying eye shadow, replace it with the mixture of sunscreen and foundation and trust me it gives even more smoky looks to the eyes. kim-kardashian-smokey-eye-makeup-tutorial
  2. Lipstick or lipgloss, that’s entire your choice but make sure that you put on the right shade. If you are going with the light shade dress then make sure that you apply lipstick in dark shade like red or magenta but if you are wearing a dark shade dress then for lips you need a light shade.monica-belucci-and-dior
  3. Say no to too much of jewellery but yes earrings are certainly important. Don’t wear anything on the neck but make sure that you highlight the look with a nice pair of danglers and if necessary you can also add a bracelet in one hand.kareena-kapoor
  4. Stand out with the high heels: Flats are comfortable but actually a bit boring whereas heels give you a class and make you stand out of the crowd. If it’s a pencil heel then its great but if its tough for you to manage pencil heel then you can also settle down for platform heel.201412011417438568254904660
  5. Dress to Kill: Many options you have to dress for a party like party wear sarees, straight fit suits or gowns. If you are wearing a saree then make sure that the blouse is stitched as a party wear, means the blouse should be designer with a feel good factor.karishma-kapoor-lehenga-choli
  6. Clutch: These days clutch are really important to carry. While going for party carry a very stylish clutch along with you and complete the look.

So, now when you know all the tips to look beautiful in a party what are you waiting for, go and get ready right now.

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