Tips to Carry a Stylish Dhoti Saree

If you are a fashion forwarded women then certainly you cannot remain away from the charm of an Indian saree for a very long time and that’s the reason why even the top most Hollywood celebrities have draped this nine yard outfit very gracefully at one or another occasion. There are many styles of draping a saree but the most trending style these days is Dhoti Saree. No one would have ever thought even in their dreams that the Dhoti trend will become so famous, firstly it was Dhoti salwar then came Dhoti Kurti and now the latest Dhoti Sarees.


Tips To Carry A Dhoti Saree in Style

So, when you are set ready to drape a Dhoti saree then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to accessorize it with designer blouses and trendy accessories like belts, anklets etc. Make up, the minimum you keep, the better your look as everyone’s attention will just be on your drape.


You can also add an extra twist to this outfit by wearing stylish jackets blouses that are highly in trend this season. Get inspired with these ramp models fashion.


You first need to wear a legging, pants or tights and then drape the dhoti sari.


Make sure that you wear high heels when you are draping a dhoti saree, reason is that it makes the overall look even more glamorous. In hairstyle, I would suggest you to go for a bun with French braid in the front.


Dhoti Sari: A Modern Day Drape

Dhoti may be counted as the traditional Indian outfit for Men but when it comes to Dhoti saree then its very modern by its look and feel. So, if you are a modern bride then you can also try this type of drape to look a little hatke on our sangeet function. You can accessorize the look with potli bag and kundan necklace.


Things to Remember while choosing Dhoti Sari


Fabric Selection: You can choose fabrics like georgette, silk, crepe or chiffon. All the fabrics that are soft and flowing would be better for a dhoti drape as the multiple pleats will be clearly visible.

Blouse Selection: Choose trendy saree blouses like floral embosses, high netted, collar style or halter neck etc. The point I am trying to state here is don’t do for an ordinary blouse as by doing this the entire look may turn out to be very ugly.

Matching Tights: Always choose a matching color pant or legging with the dhoti saree as any contrast color would ruin the continuity of the outfit.

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