Tips on Latest Indian Bridal Wear!!

Are you going to be the bride next month? Have you done all your wedding shopping? Wait a minute…Are you sure whatever you have shopped for your wedding is the latest In Fashion. If you are confused then think twice because after all it’s your wedding and every one would be excited to see how you look on your Wedding Day. So don’t disappoint yourself and your friends and relatives and choose the best latest fashion wear for your wedding. Be it you wedding lehenga choli, your makeup, your bridal jewelry, your footwear and especially your mehendi, everything should be just perfect.

Here are some tips about the latest wedding wear that are In Fashion:

Bridal Lehenga Choli: Every Indian bride prefers Lehenga Choli for their wedding and there is no doubt that Lehenga Choli actually looks good on all the brides. Since ages various types of lehengas have remained in fashion like fish tail lehenga, A-line lehengas, straight cut lehengas, circular lehengas, kalidar lehengas and many such more. But the question here is which type of lehenga is in fashion this wedding season? I would suggest that fishtail lehenga looks perfect and these lehengas are also among the most preferred lehengas among the Indian brides.light-purple-velvet-lehenga-choli-ld006103 copy


Bridal Jewelry: Now this is the best part of Indian Bridal Wear. Bridal jewelry comprises of many parts like bangles, rings, necklace, earings, toe ring, nose ring, waist belt (Kamar Band), mang tika and most importantly mangalsutra.punjabi chuda

  • Bangles: Bangles are very essential in Indian marriages, it symbolizes marriage. Although brides of different states wear different types of bangles on their marriages. But if you are getting married then one set of bangles which you must wear is Chuda. Chuda is a combination of red and white bangles wherein there is a set of red plastic bangles and in between there are small sets on white bangles.  Just one look at a woman with Chuda on their hands and the other person can guess that she is a newlywed bride.
  •  Finger Ring: Ring exchange is a most common ritual in Indian wedding. But if yourfinger ring wedding is near by then I must suggest that gone are the days of Gold, now what shines is a big diamond ring on your engagement finger. So if you want to look fashion updated then please be sure no golden rings, only diamond rings.
  • Necklace: A bride’s necklace should be very attractive as it highlights the personality of a bride. It’s the center of attraction, everyone is curious to know what type of necklace a bride wears. Therefore the necklace should be such which reflects the personality of brides. One of the most important things one should keep in mind is that the necklace you choose should reflect the bride’s dress. As per the fashion experts, if a bride’s choli has a deep neck then a broad and long necklace would look great while a choker set would suit a choli having a smaller neckline.  NP-228
  • Earings: Earings completes the bridal look. If you are going to be the bride next earingsmonth then I would suggest you must try something traditional. In traditional earings one can try heavy earings which are attached with a chain and attached to the hair with a hook.
  • Nose Ring: Nose ring gives that traditional look to every Indian bride. One such jewelry which is a must in every Indian wedding is nose ring. If you want to give a modern look even by wearing a nose ring then I would suggest that the chain which is attached to the nose ring should be of diamond. It really looks very beautiful the nose ring attached to hair with a diamond chain.
  • Mang Tika: Maangtikas are available for brides in different styles and colors. Bridesmangtika usually wear a Maangtika with a beautiful decorative centre piece is preferred. In the modern era, you can also choose beautiful queen crowns instead of Maang Tika.
  • Mangalsutra: Now this is something which is beyond your control. Whatever type of mangalsutra your husband offers, you need to wear it along with a promise to always support your husband in his good phase as well as bad.

Bridal Mehendi: Use of Mehendi is considered a must in al Indian weddings. The use of Mehendi is considered very auspicious in Indian wedding. It’s not just about tradition; mehendi is loved by all the ladies. Generally a bride’s whole hand, arm, legs and foot are crafted with mehendi designs. Any type of mehendi design looks good on a bride but for a modern fashionable bride I would suggest Arabic mehendi design.

arabic bridal mehendi

Bridal Make Up: When it comes to bridal make up the focus should be mainly on face, lips, eyes and cheeks. As during the wedding there will be many camera clicks on a brides face so it is better for a bride to shine out her cheek bones finely with a foundation which is of darker shade than her skin color. For lips choose the color shade of your dress and it is better to go for brighter colors like red, pink and plum. For eyes a kajal is must and to highlight a bride eyes more one need a matching eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

bridal make up

Bridal Footwear: Any footwear which is matching to the outfit of the bride and as well as one most important thing is it should be comfortable enough for a bride. A bride needs to perform various rituals wearing the footwear; therefore if the bride’s footwear will not be comfortable then the whole process of her wedding can become very ugly for her. BridalFootwear-36For some latest wedding wear visit Indiabazaaronline



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