Tips for Attending an Indian Wedding

Do you have an Indian best friend who is just about to get married?? And are you a foreigner having no clue about Indian weddings and rituals? But at the same time do you also want to participate in each and every rituals of your best friend’s wedding?? Well then you really need to read this article so that you can enjoy the unique experience of a traditional Indian Wedding and cherish it for a lifetime. Whether it’s a Hindu wedding, Sikh wedding or a Muslim, one thing is sure that there would be lots of rituals, each having their own importance.  Here I am suggesting you few tips for attending an Indian Wedding.

Dress up in Indian Ethnic Wears

Although there is no such dress code which you need to follow but you need to keep in mind that you have to dress in Indian ethnic wears. I mean common, western outfits you wear them daily, right?? So, just to enjoy the occasion why not try something different and be a part of the celebration in an Indian style. If you are a female then you have lots of options in Indian ethnic wears like a lovely wedding saree, lehenga choli or anarkali suit.  Men can choose Kurta Paijama or sherwani with stole and mojari. Try to avoid colors like white or black as they are not considered auspicious. You can choose colors like Red, Pink, Peach, Blue, Maroon etc.

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Be prepared to wake up all Night

Yes, usually Indian weddings start from 1am and ends till 4am in the morning. Before the wedding rituals there are also various other rituals which takes place, so, basically in a way you are not going to get any sleep between 7pm to 6am. So, be prepared for that, it’s better that you take a good sleep one day before the wedding.


3 to 4 days Wedding Rituals

The Indian wedding rituals includes Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, Wedding and finally Reception. So, be prepared for a long wedding and plan your clothes accordingly.  For Females, they can wear salwar suit at haldi and mehendi function, saree at the sangeet and lehenga choli at the wedding. Men can choose light Kurta Paijama for small functions and Sherwani for the main day.



Enjoy various Customs

You will get to see so many customs in an Indian wedding like the saat pheras, recitation of the vows, couple mehendi designs on the brides hands, groom applying the vermillion on the bride’s forehead. If you try to understand the meaning of all these customs, I am sure you will enjoy the event even more and who know even you might love to have the same kind of wedding for yourself.


Enjoy the Delicious Food

Understood that you also like all the other Foreigners would think that Indian Food is too spicy. But there are so many options which you can try and remember that trying something new is always good. Usually in the Hindu Marriages, you will first be served with the snacks and soft drinks. After that the main food is served which includes many items which can be vegetarian as well as Non vegetarian depending on the individual family choices.



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