Thousands of years as World Guru , now it’s time to be Fashion Guru

India is known as vishwa guru or world guru. We gave zero to the world, infallible ayurevda knowledge and the very popular and worldwide accepted great yoga formula and just so everybody should accept that importance and pros of being vegetarian theory is also Indian born. These were the things that everybody knows. Change is very common thing of nature, time has changed and needs of humans too. So we should also change our perception that it’s just it India only can work for human well being.

Change people change! Now when the universe don’t need help from India to make it a better place then what does it want from us because apparently there is no upcoming world war or pressure of being strong so what’s left to worry about? Tell you what, the game and the tension just has begun. Think about that what’s today’s generation biggest problem and tension is?

Fashion guys fashion! How am I looking is a big deal for young India but Following western style, is not so cool. Guess what ! those days are gone when Indians blindly followed firangee or should I say western fashion.  Now we have proud to be an Indian, we follow fashion not some countries, we have created our own style and fashion and soon there will be time when the whole world will follow Indian fashion.

A little view of future, the Indian dresses that are famous and can be trendy in upcoming time ……

Sari –Recent years have been blast in popularity of this 8 yards worldwide. Credit goes to Bollywood stars like Deepika, Priyanka and Sonam Kappor . ladies carry it with proud and style on red carpet and showed the world that yes we Indian are stylish. It’s traditional, sexy and more over this it’s totally common women’s choice.You can see saris everywhere.

lehenga– lehenga is  a common and very uncommon wear. You are confused, well let me clear it, it’s common in Indian wedding but uncommon in common life. Now when Indians learn their way to fashion they have made this traditional dress totally cool and stylish ….. thanks to Indian designers like Maish Malhotra and Neeta Lulla, Rocky S and Rohit Bahal. That now women look for the occasion to wear lehenga choli .

alia-bhatt-58-filmfare-manish-malhotra-lehenga_600x450Salwar and kameez – it’s a very common, like real common, BPL people to rich everyone has to have this.  And god bless EKTA KAPOOR for her contribution to make salwar kameez so popular worldwide. couldn’t get the meaning? Let me have the pleasure to explain. Her daily soap’s lead road naayikayen who wears salwar kameez more often. And not just hers lead roles but known as chota parda that is very famous all over the world , presents real middle class India that’s why salwar kameez are so popular. Not for daily but special occasion also a demand for this beautiful dress.

salwar kameez

Shervani-  well shervani is kind of men’s world and men and their fashion is sort of not so famous for fashion gossip. but definitely shervani is the face of Indian men’s fashion world. Shervani is also an uncommon outfit. Normally needs occasion to carry this. But totally Indian mark and trend. Wedding is the occasion when Indian hot dudes wear SHERVANI and look even more hot. If we try a little more this can be more popular in fashion world.


Kurta payzama – totally different from shervani in every perception as you can carry it in daily life , in your house innovation pooja, katha and birthday party and also in engagement parties , in total kurta payzama perfect for every occasion if you increase your price it can be your wedding dress too.


But what made it famous on international platform is not it’s design or comfort, its our Indian leaders. Yup don’t get shocked . only if you have noticed, that first it’s gone noticed when javahr laal Nehru weared it  and recently Narendra Modi became biggest reason to make kurta payzama viral in media all over the world. So credit goes to Indian leaders. Doesn’t matter how and why, its Indian and its famous that is enough for us.

so these are just five outfits  and everybody knows India is vast country , five is not doing well here but these five are most common as Indian dresses on globe. soon Indian fashion be known as world fashion take this motto and keep going with our tradition.

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