The Bengali Wedding A Wedding That You Would Dream Of

The women of Bengal are known for their charms and ravishing looks, and their crowning glory of long beautiful hair. The draping style is of the Bengali sarees is marvelous, the wedding in Bengal are awesome because of the traditions. The to-be brides are pampered in a pleasing manner. The Bengalis are artistic people hence the brides are decorated with ornaments, and look lovely on the wedding day and the bride has a whole trousseau ready with the gifts that she is gifted for her wedding day. So, nice is the feeling the life is about to take a fresh turn , and everything that is required to make this start is gifted to her , how great is the occasion when all the elders and family members greet and bless the young couple to live a happy married life.

Red is a passion for the Bengalis and on every special occasion they flaunt it . The Bengali brides wear red, maroon, pink color on the day of their wedding .The Banarasi saree is also a favorite and popular among the Bengalis. The traditional saree is mostly white saree with a red border or maroon or pink border. The Bengali bride may even go in for a bright red silk saree with heavy zari work or buta work on it. The sarees of the bride has amazing kantha work on it. The silk sarees of the bride are beautiful creations of hand-crafted with various traditional prints and designs.


The designer sarees that are made for the Bengali brides are made with special care to enhance and intricately decorate the Bengali bride’s beauty. The sarees which are of the fabric of silk are available in varied combinations and colors in accordance to the needs of the bride. The occurrence of the color of red is the highlight of the saree. There are various artistic designs that the saree bears like the very known peacock design , there are other designs that are made with golden thread which makes the bride look like a damsel from heaven. In the modern day scenario the ready-to-wear saree and hassle free Banarasi sarees are tailored and common in the Bengali crowd.

The Banarasi saree that the Bengali bride wears is a masterpiece reflecting the true brilliance of extra-ordinary craftsmanship. The Bengali brides apply a generous amount of Atta on their hands and feet. The ornaments are elaborate made in gold which is considered auspicious in Bengali wedding .The lipstick is bright red in color.

The Bindi that the Bengali bride wears is big and huge. Small white and red dots are decorated on her forehead, just above the eye-brow to make her looks even more ravishing. The Bengali bride looks stunning with the exquisite jewellery that might be passed over to her by her mother or grand-mother. The bangles worn by the bride are customary and truly traditional they are called nowa and ruli. The bangles are made of lac, gold and they have a particular design on them.

The elaborate neck-laces have designs of peacock, butterflies, drops, semicircles with pearls etc. The Bengali bride also wears gold chains and gold rings on her fingers, nothing is to be missed as marriage is a onetime affair. The bride can have a bun done to her hair with shimmery accessories. Then the bride wears a veil on her head. The mukut which is absolutely customary to wear is then worn by the bride. With love and affection the Bengali bride is decorated. A splash of red is everywhere to be seen. The sight of a Bengali bride is definitely unmatched and spectacular.

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