Style And Confidence Can Make You Rock The Red Carpet

Every star walks the red carpet during various award functions. What a star wears on a Red Carpet becomes a hot topic among the youth. Different A-class designers and stylists design the outfits of all the stars. But even after all this, the stars remains very nervous before walking the Red Carpet. Now-a-days, walking a red carpet has actually become a competition among all the celebrities. All the stars remain in high pressure in order to look better than one another. But the only key to success on the RED Carpet is your Style And Confidence.


It’s a fact that many fashion trends generate from various Red Carpets functions. Most important thing all the celebrities should keep in mind is that they should wear something which they are comfortable in rather than just following a fashion trend.  If anyone chooses their discomfort zone in fashion then at times it can be a real fashion disaster. The live example is Vidya Balan, her comfort zone has always remain a saree or an Indian wear but during her kismat connection days she opted for knee length skirts in every award function and for that one single fashion disaster, she is still criticized a lot about her dressing sense.

During Red Carpet, with all the media flashes on it becomes more important for the stars to carry of their outfit with style and confidence. If the dress of a star is good and he/she is looking stunning in it then no doubt they receive lots of appreciation but if anything went wrong with the dress or design or style of a star’s outfit then it becomes a serious problem for that star as well as his/her designer. There are so many style critic shows now on TV, who just look for one fashion disaster of any star and they just flash it everywhere on TV. So, all the celebrities and designers take proper caution before walking the Red Carpet, so that nothing goes wrong. Especially now the actresses are mostly seen flaunting different designer saris at different Red Carpet occasions. The most opted sarees by celebrities are a net saree or a chiffon saree. One can wear any dress and in whatever way but the important thing is it should reflect your personality.

kareena kapoor

There are certain things which these celebrities should always keep in mind, like its not only a dress which grabs the attention. When any one look up to their favorite star then its not the only dress they look upto, it’s the whole attire, personality, style, confidence level, hair style and make up of their favorite star which they actually look upto. So, before walking the Red Carpet, all the celebrities should once boost up all these factors.

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