Significance of Bangles in Indian Culture

Bangles are counted among one of the most important accessories for Indian brides. Especially for married women bangles are very auspicious as they are the sign of being a suhagan. Bangles have its own significance in Indian culture, especially in weddings.


For Indian brides bangles are a part of their solah shringar and in Indian culture its considered mandatory for a new bride to wear bangles as it’s a sign of their husband long life. Usually the brides wear glass bangles. In Punjab bride wear Punjabi bridal chura made of plastic and decorated with stone. In Indian culture breaking of bangles are not considered good, you must also have seen that when a husband dies his wife break the bangles as her suhag is no more in this world.

321324,xcitefun-bridal-hands-photography-28The feel and look of bangles have been over gone lots of change in past years. Now more funky designs are available in the market but the significance of bangles remains the same as it used to be. You would be surprised to know that bangles are called by different names in different part of India and also have different designs and patterns in different cities.

funky-banglesSignificance of Bangles in Different Region of India

  • In Bengal, there is a tradition of red and white bangles which is known as shakha and pola. You can see women of Bengal flaunting this type of bangles in different festivals, wedding and occasions.bengali-bangles
  • In Southern India there is a trend of gold and hence you can find woman flaunting their gold bangles.south indian bridal bangles
  • In Maharastrian culture women wear green colored glass bangles in every festival and bangles 700 pixels
  • Rajasthani colorful bangles or chura is also popular.e1a9425374652204f6ff14a04f1b8da4_original

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