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Ayesha Takia in anarkali suitShopping for a new dress is always a craze, especially among the ladies but what few ladies fails to understand is that not every dress suits their personality. One should only wear those dresses which suits their personality and not only for the sake of fashion. It’s a very old saying that one should eat whatever they like but when it comes to dressing, one should wear what other admires on you and say that it suits you.

Remaining in fashion is definitely important but following the fashion trend blindly without even thinking whether it is even looking good or not is foolishness. By doing so you become a joker in front of everyone, wherin you think that you are Sonakshi Sinha r.rajkumar sareelooking very cool but in reality people would be making fun of your dressing style. So always keep in mind that follows the fashion but not so blindly that you become a piece of laughing material in front of other people.

Your dressing sense makes your personality and a unique image of yours in the mind of others. And there is a most popular saying that “First impression is last impression”. So whatever you wear, look confident, look stylish and look graceful. And one more thing which one should keep in mind is that it’s not that only high range clothes are fashionable. This is a big myth among the people that only costly dresses can make them look good. Some people’s monthly budget for their new dress remains $100 but again for some other people they wear a dress just once and then they never wear it again.

Check out the dresses below which are so low in cost but they will for surely look good on any lady.

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