Save The Internet: Net Neutrality

Note: Everyone must be expecting a fashion blog from me but this time please excuse me guys this one is really important. It’s about a campaign supporting Internet freedom (which keeps us connected).

What Does Net Neutrality Mean?

These days everyone must be hearing this term net neutrality but are you confused that what it exactly mean? Well in simple language Net Neutrality = Internet Freedom, which you are actually enjoying right now. Let me make it more simple for you like for example you visit an adventure park and you pay a said fee for it like say Rs. 500 and you can enjoy all the rides inside the park for no extra charges but what if Rs. 500 is just an entry fees and then every individual ride holder charge a different price from you to take the ride. The fist case in this example refers to net neutrality which means you pay a certain amount for internet usage and use the data as per your convenience but now what some mobile operators are trying to control your internet freedom by applying different charges and different speeds for each site you use. For eg. If you are using facebook you need to pay separate charges and if you are watching youtube then you need to pay even more. The principle of net neutrality allows internet service providers to give equal access of all lawful websites as well services to their customers without giving priority to any specific website.

TRAI View Point

What many telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone are trying to do is block the highly accessible websites, in order to grab more money from the customers. In this support the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) has also issued a 118 long pages document which is available on their website But what is written in those 118 pages is written in such a language that only the high level lawyer and corporate people can understand, so what about the rest people? Isn’t it the responsibility of the TRAI to make people understand what actually those 118 pages say and then head towards an open discussion?

Save The Internet

Now if you want to maintain the internet freedom which you are enjoying till now then come and join the save the internet campaign. In response to the TRAI 118 pages long document a proper questionnaire of 20 questions with answer has been prepared supporting the Net Neutrality. All you need to do is just go to the website and click on RESPOND TO TRAI NOW and send an email.

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