Saree Draping Styles: Guide to Enhance your Looks

It must be well understood that only picking the right saree for an event is not sufficient as it also needs to be stylishly draped to enhance the look of the attire. There are different saree draping styles popular from different regions of India and abroad that can truly transform the look to from shab to glam in minutes. So to get knowledgeable about some of these styles here’s a guide to the context.

Basic Saree Draping Style

The basic draping style is quite easy. Take the end of the saree, tuck it in the petticoat and make a complete circle with the garment coming to the waist area again. Next make around 5-6 pleats and about maximum 6-7 inches and tuck it in the petticoat a little left from the centre. The open drape can be pulled from the back and the pallu section can be again made into pleats and underneath the right armhole it falls on the left shoulder.

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Bengali Saree Draping Style

Traditional heavy silk sarees with rich embroidery or zari works and with thick borders looks best in this particular draping style. For weddings or festivals this is quite an attractive style that makes a pleasant difference. In this style there are no front pleats. After the initial tucking take the drape and tilt it to left waist, tuck it and again tilt it to right waist and tuck it. After repeating the process for one more time make pleats of the whole width left over of the drape, keeping the border as the first pleat in the front. Next let it fall on its full length on the left shoulder with equal hanging at the back. Now hold the edge of the first pleat and under the right arm place it on the right shoulder.


Party Style Saree Draping

Celebrities at the parties look awesome in exclusive party sarees and even beautiful with stylish draping. Here are some guides that can help you achieve that enigmatic sensual look, just like the stars.

The draping style is quite simple. Follow the basic step till the pleats and after the pleats invert the rest of the saree inward so that the border falls on a lower length. Then unevenly gather the part and draping from the back under the right arm throw it on the left shoulder. Arrange the pleats accordingly.

Mermaid Style Draping

This is an exclusive draping style where it grants a curvy effect to the hip section and with a flared bottom it’s a glorifying contrast making it look just like a mermaid.  To drape in this style follow the initial steps from the basic style till forming the center pleats. After tucking take the whole length to form pleats keeping the border in the top front pleat. Then fetch the pleated from left to right at the back and from right back to right front. The first pleat edge maybe tucked in the front bodice till back and then to the left in wrapping style before pinning it.


There are many more different saree draping styles that can be experimented. However the above styles are popular and help to achieve the gorgeous sophisticated look.



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