Regional Dresses Like Assam Style Sarees Is The Latest Trending Fashion

So much have been written and said in the praise of gorgeous nine yard drape known as SAREE. Isn’t it amazing that in such a fast fashion changing scenario where one outfit that comes in fashion is able to maintain its place for hardly a season and at the same time, saree which is centuries old attire has still managed to mark its position in the fashion world.

Yepme-SareesFrom simple cotton sarees, silk saris to net ones, the journey of this attire has over gone many changes. The changes in designs, blouse style, cuts are the reason that this outfit has still maintained its position. When we are talking exclusively about saris, how can we forget the latest trending fashion and i.e. of Assam style sarees.

AGSU-MUKALI-BIHU3Assam’s Mekhela Chador is the traditional name given to the Assam style sarees. The main difference between a regular sari and Assam’s mekhela chador is that it’s two piece saree whereas a normal one is a single nine yards drape. It’s a two piece saree because the skirt part is separated from the pallu part, a separate cloth is use to cover the upper body part. Actually this saree draping style is inspired by the ancient centuries, if you have ever seen the old sculptures in the temples you must have seen the ladies in kind on a dhoti wrap with decorative pleats covering their knees. A woman looks more feminine in this type of drapes and that’s the reason why its now in the latest trending fashion.

assam-style-sareeFrom cotton saris to designer sarees, this outfit has really come a long way. You all also must have tried all the fusion of this lovely dress but now its time to try the latest in trend mekhela chador. At you can find these exclusive trending saris at best price.

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