Rang Barse Holi Hai: Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Holi

The festival of colors has finally arrived after the long wait of one year. From kids to elders everyone seems to be very excited for this festival because they love to put colors on each other and splash water. Kids especially wait for this day and when the day arrives they all take out their pichkari filled with water and attack each other with cool splashes. On this day people forget the envious feeling and put colors on each other and hug each other with love. On holi there is a trend of drinking bhang and eating gujiya. People start preparing gujiya and other sweets for holi.

happy-holiThese days there are many holi theme based parties wherein the atmosphere is worth watching. The dj dance masti, pool party with cool splashes, lots of abir gulal and sweets. White clothes have a great significance for this day. As holi is the festival of colors, people wear plain white clothes on this day and let the white cloth get colored in different colors of holi. The trend of white clothes in holi goes long back as it is believed that the holi colors are more visible in white clothes rather than in any other color clothes.

holi_banner2On this day women can mostly be seen in white sarees and men in white kurta payjama with neta topi over their head. White kurtis and tunics are also worn by girls on this day. Just imagine the scenario, people in white clothes, putting colors on each other, splashing water on each other, hugging, dancing on to the various holi songs. Most popular songs played on holi are rang barse bhige chunar vali, do me a favour let’s play holi, holi ke din dil mil jate, ang se ang lagana sajan, aree ja re hat natkhat, holi aaye re kanahai and many more. Dancing is the most craziest part when everyone first drink bhang, then lose all their senses and do the most dirty dancing.

d7cezjwjIt’s time to celebrate and it’s time to forget all the bad memories and create some beautiful memories. Indiabazaaronline.com wishes you a very happy holi.

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