Rajasthani Bandhani Designer Sarees

The technique of dyeing and then tying creating multiple dots in the fabric is what creates a Bandhani Print or you can also say Rajasthani Print. Bandhej Sarees with Gota work are the specialty of North Indian states like Gujarat and Rajasthan.

rajasthani-bandhani-designer-sareesLehariya Sarees

The most traditional and popular print in Bandhej is of Lehariya sarees. This outfit is also the regional dress of the Rajasthani and Gujarati ladies. Lehariya means waves in English. In the process of making this sari the entire saree fabric is tied together rather than the usual small sections and hence when the sari is opened it creates multiple diagonal sections in the entire sari which looks like waves. Panther is a special kind of lehariya bridal saree which is worn by the Gujarati Brides; in this the printed work in one of the rick fabric of silk. This attire is also loved by the foreign tourist who visit India and that’s why they love to buy Bandhani sarees as souvenir of this place.panetar-saree


Process of Making a Rajasthani Bandhani Designer Sarees: To create a saree there are 3 to 4 section involved in it like first using the farma the designs the dotted designs are placed, then the women do the handicraft work on the sarees like lace, gota or mirror work which is essence of any bandhej saree and then finally the tying process to creates the various prints.


  • In the first step the fabric is washed and bleached properly, so that the dyeing does not fade from the cloth.
  • In the second step a plastic sheet called farma is used in which the pin holes are made which makes a certain design. Then this plastic sheet is placed over the cloth and the liquid natural colors are transferred to the fabric through the pinholes and when the color dries up it comes up into a beautiful pattern.
  • In the third section the same cloth is send to the women for doing the handicraft kinari work like mirror, gota lace, thread and tar work.
  • After doing all this, the last thing is to create the lahariya pattern which is done by creating dying and creating small sections of knots. After tying it for sometime the knots are then opened and beautiful designs are created and a beautiful sari is created.

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