Punjabi Weddings The Lively And Colourful Events

Punjabis are lively people who are known for their magnificence and majesty. They are famed for their festive attitude and the grandness in celebrating events In the marriage celebrations of the Punjabis it is revealed that the Punjabis are lovers of celebrating the happy occasions. A Punjabi marriage ceremony is very ritualistic but the fact that remains true is that it is the most enjoyed and musical gala marriages in the country. Each wedding has in store a grand excuse of merry-making. A Punjabi wedding is like a big carnival known for its splendor.


A Punjabi wedding begins with a traditional Roka which is like an engagement ceremony, which is followed by carousing like sagan and Chunni Chandana. The musical part of this celebration begins with sangeet and mehendi ceremony, bhangras and giddas make the celebration full of fun and frolic. There is also like Hindu weddings tradition of phere and kanyadaan. A Punjabi wedding is made official by mangal pheras and the bride goes to her in laws on the same day. The wedding ceremony begins with chuda ceremony and at the groom’s place with a ritual called Vatna ceremony. Vidaai and Ashirwad are a part of the post wedding rituals. Once the newly married couple is blessed by the elders, the brother of the bride escorts the bride to the main exit of their house.


Punjabi weddings are full of merry-making and enjoyment Punjabis are people famed for their culture and their large hearten ness. Punjabi wedding dresses are so vibrant and colorful that the attached richness of the marriage ceremony. Dark colors with heavy embroidery on it, is the preference of Punjabis. Punjabi wedding dresses are usually heavy salwar suits or heavy lehenga choli. The dupatta of the dress is also fully embroidered with a thread called Phulkari and a kinari is there on both the sides.

There is world-wide demand for Punjabi wedding dresses especially salwar kameez which is in the present scenario designer wear with lots of heavy embroidery on it. The style of bridal wear is different from the regular salwar kameez available it is available in pulsating shades Patiala style salwar, a long kameez with lots of heavy work gives a traditional look to salwar suit. The traditional Punjabi wedding dress and party wear dresses has a traditional effect with the contemporary style as it is designed with the designer glamorous looks. Heavy embroidery, sequins work enhance the beauty of the dress. The beautifully designed suits are fit to be worn on weddings and other grand occasions.

So, to enjoy the rich culture of Punjab yet staying by the fashion statement go in for Punjabi bridal wear it shall be an all time cherished favorite dress in your wardrobe. What matters the most is that we have to go and abide by the cultural norms which are definitely fulfilled by this very own cultural attire. A dress which is ultimate in comfort, yet heavy and fit for parties. In a general opinion poll anybody sensible would go in for it. As wedding dresses are kept in store after a day of having been worn .For a wedding salwar kameez can be worn a number of times as they very versatile and are also liked by everybody at marriage parties. Become the most talked about person for your style ,so shop your stuff from indiabazaaronline.com for saying balle balle from beginning to end.

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