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How often it has happened with you that you have wished for certain attire or outfit but kareena kapoor dressultimately it always remained a part of your wishlist only, it never became a reality. Have you ever thought why?? Any outfit which you like so much that at the second moment you add it to your wishlist, why isn’t that beautiful outfit still yours??There can be many reasons why you just added it to wish list and not buy it. The most important reason is may be when you like a dress so much; at that point of time you don’t have that much money to spend on that particular outfit.

But we at Indiabazaaronline understand your problem and at the same time give huge respect and value to your wished product.  We also understand your feelings attached with that particular wished dress, you adding a dress to a wishlist is a sign of your likeness for that dress. When you are liking a dress so much that instantly you are adding it to wish list but not buying it then indirectly you are giving us a message that how much you like a certain dress but can’t buy because at this point of time you don’t have the required money to make that attractive dress yours. Adding the dress to wishlist is also a sign by you that today you can’t buy this dress but one day you will certainly when its price goes down.

Get your wishlist ready

sareeA soon as you add any dress to your wish list, our first effort remains to check out if we can provide any kind of discount on that particular dress, sometimes we even sell the dress on cost price because we believe in making our customers happy. Our focus remains to convert your wishlist into reality. So, next time whenever you add any dress to the wish list, then be sure in your mind that soon that dress will be in your hands as we will come back to you with the best discounted offers on your wished dress.

One of the other reasons why your liked products get stucked in the wishlist is payment options. Sometimes may be your credit card would not be working or may be your payment options not matched with ours, in any such case we try our best to know from you that which is your most preferred payment options. By knowing your most preferred we will try to implement that option, so that your wished dress not just remain in the wishlist but you can actually wear it on your dream date.

Don’t worry as Indiabazaaronline is here to take care about all your wished products.

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